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  • The Storm Is Brutal

    Victor agbo
    3 months ago
    Though the storm is brutal! But one day it will ease its pain The storm might be wailing now Tomorrow I know the sun will come. Though the storm is heavy! But the future, I see is lighter than ...
  • Michael

    Ono Faith
    6 months ago
    "I have no intention of hurting you," he said to me, I love you so much dear. What! What exactly am I hearing? And who are they coming from? No, it can’t be, Michael? No, it’s not possibl ...
  • Faith Of An Atheist

    Tapiwa Ndaba
    2 months ago
    Are the images depicted in my brain the same as those depicted in yours? Human suffering, wars between people of the same blood, diseases and gender-based violence. Which makes me wonder where God ...
  • Lord

    Frank Olunga Khange
    3 months ago
    Lord, Why does it seem like you are silent? Deaf or blind, blind to see our flooding tears, deaf to hear our daily prayer. We are sinners, with short memory span, why God, have You allowed co ...
  • The Lord I Serve

    Frank Olunga Khange
    5 months ago
    The Lord I serve The Lord I serve, Will never allow me to starve, In plenty He provides, Under His wings I'm protected, Through the blood I'm defended, The Lord I serve. He is merciful, Hi ...
  • Everytime

    Miracle Joseph
    21 months ago
    Everytime Everytime you cry its not because you're weak Everytime you lose hope it's not because you're hopeless Everytime a dear friend leaves it's not because you can't be loved Everytime you ...
  • A Broken Christmas

    Taiwo Olamide
    10 months ago
    'Mom, comy hang the starr!' cried little Tom, holding the golden star with his two hands like it was 50kg heavier than him. 'Hey…put that star down, you don't want it dropping on your feet!' Ru ...
  • The Survivors Code

    Adaeze Obirieze
    22 months ago
    I stood in front of the mirror and observed myself from head to toe. ...
  • Boys Are Not Stones

    Faith Goodhead
    22 months ago
    They built a fort to protect the girls, leaving you in the cold humid air to fend for yourself because you are a boy and you need no protection, But, Boys!! it's time to take a stand, For one day a ...
  • Find Guts

    Dare Ojuoye
    10 months ago
    You have been silenced enough Don't you think we speak out There is no food in the barn and look! big clouds Anyway, I will wait till this wet gets dry Hush, for you might get us killed Let's g ...


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