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  • The Undergraduate

    Adeniji Kayosola
    5 hours ago
    This story is dedicated to Nigerian students who are newly admitted or about to be but generally, it is for all.Enjoy it and don't forget to share it. This evening, I sat down at ARENA 92 enjoying ...
  • Roll Stone... Roll!

    Kehinde Adeniji
    6 days ago
    Like a rolling stone, With no direction. Hitting other rocks, Scaterring dirt and dust as I roll along. Would I stop? Would I find my way home? Would I find my own space? Like everyone seem to ...
  • Ramadan Kareem

    Adesokan Abdulafeez
    2 weeks ago
    The blessed month is here again, Our time of spiritual healing So our tongues abandon slander and all talebearing Hands are put in prayer and we give up quarrelling We bow our heads in humility A ...
  • Monochromatic

    Ayei Ibiang
    6 days ago
    One colour, different shades Same species, four races; Nonracist White, Black, Yellow, Red, Brown; The unity in diversity, Embracing all colours including those lacking melanin Variety is the ...

    Ayei Ibiang
    6 days ago
    Like a mosquito larvae trapped in a dirty puddle, He struggled everyday in a bit to break free from Soundcity's obscenities, although he loved the trap. And as a matter of fact, He was wrapped in i ...

    Uduak Akpan
    5 weeks ago
    EIGHT YEARS AGO CHAPTER ONE Just like always, the laundry room was crowded, messy and noicy and fill with laughter or high pitch tune of argument. Most often than not, the seniors were t ...
  • Single Mother

    Jason Joshua chigozie
    6 days ago
    Once a pride of the community Till I lost family unity... Everyone once needed me No more, how could that be? When my breasts were standing firm Like the towers of babel.... Hips swaying maj ...
  • To Survive!

    Kehinde Adeniji
    5 days ago
    "THIS IS WAR! BRETHREN, I SAID...?" "THIS IS WAR!" "OUR WAR?" "TO SURVIVE!" I looked on as Qwito flew back and forth, chanting and evoking responses from the clan; the first timers especially. I s ...
  • Into The Sweet Unknowns

    Victor Adakole
    5 days ago
    I was sitting at the veranda savouring the cool breeze having escaped from the heat inside the house because for some weird reasons, electricity has been nonexistent. I was cutting my nails when her m ...

    sheila muyela
    2 months ago
    FROM MUM It's not the thickness of my kinky black hair, not the richness of my chocolate coloured skin, definately not the pretty people that I get to call kin, not the gap in my teeth that makes ...


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