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  • Happy Days

    Adeniji, Kehinde
    12 months ago
    Whistling as I picked up the crumbled notes from the ground, I wished every day would just be like today. Thank God I didn't have to run after the bus like some other days. The lady who bought the ban ...
  • Twisted (1)

    Joy Nwankwo
    14 months ago
    Eunice rubbed her palm across her face to clear off the vestige of sleep so she could see clearly. The text which had just entered her phone woke her up from a sleep which was nowhere near enough. She ...

    Ojonugwa John Attah
    12 months ago
    THE REVOLUTION IS COMING Sometimes I sit and wonder How a lot of things go here A few tears here and there, stifled laughter in the mix and a sandwich of hatred in between. I look in every direc ...
  • Your Presence

    Tasnim Ismail
    15 months ago
    So close yet so far away, Evokes happiness as much as it does sadness, Eradicates my strong built wall, And immediately increases my level of cautiousness, Floods my mind with sweet memories, War ...
  • Emi"lia 2

    Alex Lawless
    14 months ago
    Three months already, Oh! how time flies, It was 6 in the morning and the dawn of the weekend, Jesse Ziggler the Calabar charmer, went jogging and hiking,from sipi falls to the peak of the mountains ...

    Owolabi Juwon
    12 months ago
    *THE ANECDOTE* IT WAS IN THE MIDDAY SUN YESTERDAY, I WAS Damn tired and I urgently needed some siesta to refresh myself against the tasks ahead of me. Mean that I went to farm very early in the morni ...
  • Single Mother

    Jason Joshua chigozie
    10 months ago
    Once a pride of the community Till I lost family unity... Everyone once needed me No more, how could that be? When my breasts were standing firm Like the towers of babel.... Hips swaying maj ...
  • My Beginning

    Emediong Okon
    15 months ago
    Chapter One MIXED UP I've been depressed for a while and I've been set to win! Yes I look forward to that day when it will all be over. I'm Tee and life has been sweet haha! Tonight's heat has b ...
  • Dear 2018

    The Great
    14 months ago
    Dear 2018 You leave me puzzled and stuck, When i view the roads you made me go down. Tears take a stroll out of my eyes, When I reminisce the smell of moments, Moments you intentionally offloaded ...
  • The White Witch

    Lawrence Ruth
    12 months ago
    THE WHITE WITCH Life’s really strange, full of untold unfold mystery beyond human understand and knowledge. If man can predict and see his future and if man has the cure to death, many would ha ...


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