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  • Your Presence

    Tasnim Ismail
    6 days ago
    So close yet so far away, Evokes happiness as much as it does sadness, Eradicates my strong built wall, And immediately increases my level of cautiousness, Floods my mind with sweet memories, War ...
  • My Beginning

    Emediong Okon
    6 days ago
    Chapter One MIXED UP I've been depressed for a while and I've been set to win! Yes I look forward to that day when it will all be over. I'm Tee and life has been sweet haha! Tonight's heat has b ...

    Wisdom Ahamefula
    When I stepped out, I sensed the world's eye "What's the stare all about?" Like I'm some wanted pie Total gaze and no restrains It made me feel I've impacted What haze! As though it rains Now ...
  • Young At Fault

    Oriji Chizoba
    6 days ago
    She's young She's beautiful She's nine years old You're young You're handsome You're thirty-six and unmarried She's poor You're rich The difference gets clear She's plump You're lean a ...
  • The Boy Next Door

    Omotola Abidemi
    6 days ago
    The boy next door His eyes; cloudlike with warmth and light Usually pale and yet so white His claylike smooth skin, the smooth brown of groundnut paste Made me want to spurt out words in haste Lo ...
  • Harmattan

    Anebi Katherine
    5 days ago
    HARMATTAN This morning's weather Is the bed of a hurting lover. Temperature candidly cold. A chill never been told. The sun refused to shine... To me it's not a surprise. She was covered in a b ...
  • Letting Go 3

    Rachael Asikpo
    He finished from work late but did not return to the warmth of his home for another hour as he crawled through traffic. His home was a duplex at Shelter Afrique, a secluded glass and marble retreat wi ...
  • Letting Go, Ep 4

    Rachael Asikpo
    She purposely went to the party an hour later, hoping to avoid the plastered smiles and pretentious eyes. And despite her musings on picking the most drab cocktail dress she could find, she noticed th ...
  • My All Grey Gory

    Damilola Jihumeto
    4 days ago
    My all uncertain unpleasantness, Like a quagmire I lost my shoe in. When will you end? Light at the end of every tunnel, they say But this tunnel seems abysmal. These thoughts try to drown me eve ...
  • Success Tales — Part One

    Charles f_yung
    5 weeks ago
    “I did it because I believed I could…” The foregoing words were that of a prolifically successful man, a man of enduring success and outstanding achievement. This was a man who h ...


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