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  • 4 5 MINUTES

    Gift Uyanwanne
    "Shhhhhhhh!" and placed a single finger across his lips. Both our eyes tripled in size. Breaths seized, bodies motionless. "Get up! Get dressed!! My Dad is back!!!" I sprang up, jumped off the bed. ...
  • Young And Silly

    Kerese udofia
    3 weeks ago
    STORIES STORY: Young And Silly By Kerese Udofia ByOGA BLOGGER Posted onMarch 19, 2018 ...
  • RED

    Adesokan Abdulafeez
    4 weeks ago
    RED The Cock Who Flew the Coup CHAPTER 1: PRISON BREAK In a small corner of the town lived a kind man who had a small garden and a small farm in his yard that he loved dearly. He loved all the ...
  • Broken- A Re-Upload

    Eugene Phyton
    4 months ago
    I knew I was born different, I knew I wasn't myself. I went to school on this faithful day, it was high school, what could be better than high school? I always had an eye or two for this par ...
  • The Man Twerking In Us

    6 months ago
    I. Twerking for Gizzard Uncle Ndifon was Papa’s closest friend. They had become friends during the times they used to ride commercial motorcycles in Calabar. When younger cyclists started r ...

    Gabriel G. Odigiri
    5 months ago
    1. The journey to the airport was like travelling to the ends of the earth as I ran at 50-60 mph and my fuel meter was sullenly gawking at me. I probed the man at the passenger’s seat through t ...
  • Ndi Village

    Chibueze Iwu
    5 weeks ago
    "This cannot be possible, Doctor," he was now having a panic attack. "The tests have to be wrong sir," his clothes were drenched in his own sweat as he unconsciously held on the arms of the wooden ch ...
  • The Invasion.....before The Uprising

    7 months ago
    It seemed Earth was under attack, NASA had spotted a fleet of unidentified space crafts rapidly approaching earth. The space crafts were very sophisticated and we'll designed for speed, it was fas ...
  • My Dedication

    Emakpor Oghenerume
    6 months ago
    Light on as camera was on showing Mr Felix( Raymond Father) reading a newspaper Felix: I don't know what this nation is turning into.. How can young boy's be stealing pants, I thinks this must be a s ...
  • Hype

    5 months ago
    " are you trying to say that you now write with Intelligent writers" I made a small sound in my throat and nodded uncertainly, "wow Sam i always knew you were a great dude" that was my aunty Gracia ta ...


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