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  • A Day To Remember

    Obidigwe Christy
    2 weeks ago
    It was a monday, and the bank was crowded. Everyone there had one transaction or the other to carry out. Melisa was one of the tellers at the customer care department. Slim ,quiet and always calm, she ...
  • A Day To Remember II

    Obidigwe Christy
    6 days ago
    Melisa heaved as the young man lifted a chair and kept it next to her bed. He sat down and smiled soberly. "I am sorry for the injuries you sustained." Melisa forced another smile and nodded. Deep w ...
  • A Day To Remember III

    Obidigwe Christy
    Three months later... Melisa stared at the system before her, trying her best to concentrate. It had been three months and it had brought a lot... Vivian, a fellow teller, dropped a file beside her ...
  • Cucumber Girls Club

    Gabriel Ekpin
    2 months ago
    She was in just in JSS1 when she broke it. A curvy school mother laced with angels beauty and a fat cucumber was all it took. She never forgets what it looked like, deep green long stuff that turned o ...
  • Giant Rat

    Adebimpe Owoseni
    6 days ago
    I was nine when my family moved to Oshodi. My father was promoted to a production supervisor at one of the factories that made the sweetest biscuits children in Nigeria enjoyed. Of course his salary t ...
  • I Met The Devil's Child

    Rachael Asikpo
    3 months ago
    I Met The Devil's Child!!! We squatted there in the cover of some tall shrubbery, bare feet in the dark, amidst the chirping of insects and the crowing of the night witches. Somewhere farther in the ...
  • Krismas (1)

    3 weeks ago
    Papa Jobed stirred from his sleep, the yellow curtains were glowing, they were preventing the sun from harshly penetrating into the room, he could hear the chickens clilucking outside, his neighbors w ...
  • Letting Go 3

    Rachael Asikpo
    3 months ago
    He finished from work late but did not return to the warmth of his home for another hour as he crawled through traffic. His home was a duplex at Shelter Afrique, a secluded glass and marble retreat wi ...
  • Letting Go 5

    Rachael Asikpo
    4 weeks ago
    She didn’t wait to pick a side or to confirm what was truth and what was false. The loud music had become nothing but muffled sounds and the only bass she could hear was that coming from her che ...
  • Letting Go, Ep 1

    Rachael Asikpo
    3 months ago
    I kept my eyes on the board, unseeing. My sight distorted and void with smeared colors representing the features of my environment. I could not see. Not because I was blind but because there were tear ...


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