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  • ...I AM A WRITER

    Oladoyin Micheal
    12 months ago
    I AM A WRITER ‘…I am only a writer! Hello! Hey! I am just…’ he started shouting. The day had really been a bad one for Femi; he woke up running from the Fulani herdsmen rac ...
  • 45 MINUTES

    Gift Uyanwanne
    10 months ago
    "Shhhhhhhh!" and placed a single finger across his lips. Both our eyes tripled in size. Breaths seized, bodies motionless. "Get up! Get dressed!! My Dad is back!!!" I sprang up, jumped off the bed. ...
  • A Day To Remember

    Obidigwe Christy
    15 months ago
    It was a monday, and the bank was crowded. Everyone there had one transaction or the other to carry out. Melisa was one of the tellers at the customer care department. Slim ,quiet and always calm, she ...
  • A Day To Remember II

    Obidigwe Christy
    15 months ago
    Melisa heaved as the young man lifted a chair and kept it next to her bed. He sat down and smiled soberly. "I am sorry for the injuries you sustained." Melisa forced another smile and nodded. Deep w ...
  • A Day To Remember III

    Obidigwe Christy
    15 months ago
    Three months later... Melisa stared at the system before her, trying her best to concentrate. It had been three months and it had brought a lot... Vivian, a fellow teller, dropped a file beside her ...
  • A Joke Too Costly

    Obidigwe Christy
    15 months ago
    Malta was always fond of making faces at every thing and every one, from his neigbors to the road side vendor. All he needed was a response he didn't like and the next thing you'd get is a face and a ...

    Adeyemo Eyitayo
    8 months ago
    Chapter One Paul is exhausted after a long day's work, "I'll be staying at Charles' tonight, take the keys". He hurriedly tells his secretary — Felicia, "Yes sir". ««« ...
  • ACRYLIC Chapter 1c

    Adeyemo Eyitayo
    8 months ago
    "Sir, the company's called and they'd like to see you urgently". Felicia informs Paul. "Any probs?". Paul asks. "They should know better sir, call them". Felicia advises Paul. "For Goodness' sake, I'v ...
  • Acrylic(chapter 1b)

    Adeyemo Eyitayo
    8 months ago Paul opens up to Charles and tells him that he's not quite happy with the fact that he's enjoying his wealth alone."Mum. ...
  • Agbo

    Eti Best Herbert
    14 months ago
    SAM 12.00 Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE ...


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