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  • A Letter To The Twelve Years Old Me

    Nana Hauwa
    3 months ago
    Dear Nana, I know you can't wait to grow up,you can't wait for everybody to stop treating you like a child,you can't wait to be a senior in school,you can't wait to stop feeling so helpless like you ...
  • A Tale Of Love And Woes

    Abiodun Junaid
    5 months ago
    She likes to describe her husband as an artist, he paints her face and drew on her body, black and blue are his favorite colors he sometimes uses shades of purple, with upper cuts and lower cuts, a sh ...
  • Ada

    Claire Igwe
    6 months ago
    Ada Part One Ada looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She looked beautiful and she knew it. She really didn’t mind her beauty so much, but today was different. She was sneaking out to ...
  • Age: A Friendly Monster

    Oyeniyi Joshua
    5 months ago
    For times and seasons Were forever young Playing games of hide and seek With the brotherly mortals And when it seems as though life was at its peak They'd taught them how to observe duly every da ...
  • Aliens In Africa

    Alex Lawless
    2 weeks ago
    Chapter one Who are we? On the west coast of Africa, the southern part of Nigeria, a young boy had grown increasingly fascinated by the world and the beauty therein. Every nig ...
  • Aliens In Africa Chapter 2

    Alex Lawless
    4 days ago
    Chapter Two Who am I? In the morning, loud drums and trumpets of initiation festivities woke the young prince, he opened his eyes to the inevitable task ahead. Hurriedly he aros ...

    5 months ago
    How happy are your thoughts knowing you seized life from me? I didn't bargain for this, you signed the contract without condoms , Am innocent like cotton, yet am soiled with my blood and naked same ...
  • Because I Am A WOMAN

    Abbas Rhamotallahi
    5 months ago
    Because I am a woman. I won't claim to be a man. I am weak and I won't claim to be strong. I am so weak that I smile through pain. I glow when hurt. I am broken but I rise yet again! That is it! ...
  • Broken Heart

    Alechenu Dominic
    6 months ago
    BROKEN HEART PT1 Holding the flowers of love in my hands Listening to the strange words which fell from his mouth Tears ripped down my face Due to memories of life we've made I couldn't st ...
  • Broken Innocence

    Claire Igwe
    6 months ago
    Broken Innocence-Part One Jones sat by his window, enjoying the peace and quiet of the early Saturday morning. His heart was pounding in anticipation, knowing fully well that his neighbors would be ...


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