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  • The Last Mild Cry

    8 months ago
    THE LAST MILD CRY My cry was mild, Though the cut was wild, For tiny was l, possessing no pitch, Yet my pitch is sure to come if not for the ditch. The contention tuned high, A constant trial ...
  • Our Roots

    Agatha Johnson
    4 months ago
    Before it was Ghana must go It looked very normal And they made it formal Backing it up with actions too Now it's the reverse Everyone says it's not deserved Forgetting the old saying 'What g ...
  • Amubi: The Land Of Fertility

    Agatha Johnson
    5 months ago
    The land of fertility Surrounded with good soil Filled with milk and beauty Where God answers all prayers Though not accepted The land of fertility Where fertility is judged On the heads you ...
  • Our Hustle MUST Pay

    Agatha Johnson
    4 months ago
    Our Hustle MUST Pay Guy how far? Guy we dey hustle oh But hustle haaaard! Why hustle go hard? When the cock wakes as we set out for the day Before the street's dogs announces our presence A ...
  • Self Stranger

    Author Enobong Ukpabio
    5 months ago
    I am myself's stranger and I can't talk to me because I don't trust me. The only thing I do is send me a text message of treat. I belief in only the now achievements about me, which makes me a bit t ...
  • Sègílolà Àbíké

    Basit AJIBADE
    9 months ago
    SÈGÍLOLÀ ÀBÍKÉ Àbíké, Sweet lady, so calm, so cool, so bright, The custodian of beauty and dignity. Nine bones shy fret when thy ey ...


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