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  • My Welcome Home Gift

    Kehinde Adeniji
    4 days ago
    "Aunty Dami! Aunty Dami!!" Yetunde and Yewande, the twins ran towards me as I alighted from the bike. "My darlings, I have missed you." I dropped my bags and crouched, enveloping them both in a hug ...
  • Chimsimdiri - An African Short Story

    Noble Cyril
    6 days ago
    CHIMSIMDIRI, an African short story by Noble Cyril Amaugo It is cock crow and here I am, sitting on my bed, my bamboo bed. Thoughts of how life has unfolded over time got me glued to this bed with ...

    Okolo Chinua
    5 days ago
    Madarame takes his pen to write, he still has mixed feelings. Earlier that morning he had met a roadside beggar, an elderly man with hands the size of a well. When he stretched them forth it didn&rsqu ...
  • The African Voice

    3 months ago
    Listen to the call of the African drumbeat The resonating rhythm of the mbira The ululation of ancient voices dancing To the rejuvenating African dream The percussion of the gourds The ...
  • My Country - NigEria

    Author Enobong Ukpabio
    1 weeks ago
    My Country - NigEria My country, my new Dawn Where valleys and ancient rivers flow the full circle of life, under the proud eye of birds adorning the sky. My country my pride, Where veld ma ...

    Olabisi Akinwale
    5 days ago
    HAPPY PEOPLE this is who we are/not because our smiles are cities with no siege/because we do not hold hands at beaches in reminiscence of blue places/of times our laughter are void of hollows/ not ...
  • Puff Puffs

    Adesokan Abdulafeez
    4 weeks ago
    I touch you and feel your fluffiness. My tummy growls " hmmm happiness".I must have you all day.In my mouth just, chewing away.Such a tasty little doughnut. Milk, yeast, eggs and butter.Simple, small ...

    Etimbuk William
    3 months ago
    A lean woman with every strand of hair grey. Wrinkly face with eyes as large as a tennis ball dabbled with crimson. Legs like broomsticks spread out like bamboos on the white tiles. Wailing, cussing ...
  • The Black

    1 weeks ago
    In our land we are maltreated Every youth is now a suspect The blacks in black are the insect They never give a damn about respect Violation of Fundamental human rights By those established to pr ...
  • My Confession

    Daniel Soundfreak Nkanga
    4 weeks ago
    This is my confession, Something I have to do. Akwa Ibom is my first love One descended from above Akwa Ibom State is my home Where I rest on my big foam No regrets being an Akwa Ibomite ...


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