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  • A Voice To The Voiceless

    Sam Kajo
    SCREAMING SILENCE "Some are great Some are born great Some achieve greatness" Of these three life denied me off This is my story ,this is my song I am the voiceless tongue! Who sorrows to lif ...
  • A Righteous Blessing

    Marymartin Okoabu
    6 days ago
    Author's note This is sequel to 'A righteous mistake' if you haven't read it, do so before reading this for better understanding Chapter 1 Eleven years later I was in my stud ...
  • From A G Perspective

    Dare Ojuoye
    21 hours ago
    Excuse me sir Or may be ma Spare me you time a For this history ain't mine Cos where you saw crime He saw a dime But you don't even mind The gold has got you blind Compassionate lust, you en ...
  • The Marmaid

    Nyaruri Paul Okinyi
    2 weeks ago
    Palm trees hovered along the coastal beach as the ocean kept calm its waters. All was seen was ruffling palm tree leaves bringing cold yet warm air to the beach goers. On every evening as the blindin ...
  • The Name

    Yunus Abdulwasiu
    23 hours ago
    The name is dying, The slave is crying, The man is smiling. Oh! Man, Remember the day; We have million voices, Holding by oak, On air, To hear, By ear. Remember the day; We have thousan ...
  • Series Of A Hard Striker

    Author Enobong Ukpabio
    5 days ago
    Series of a hard striker Yes, So even guys with multiple lovers too can one day be a single guy with no one to say HI to from a stressed out day. Life of a single brother, Yes, single BROTHER bu ...
  • Nigeria's Economy

    Fowokan T. Adebiyi
    2 weeks ago
    1960 proved to be a supposed year of renovation Where colonization was made a thing of extinction Diversified Negros allegedly made us believe in a new dawn Which never seems to come 2000, Oluse ...
  • Distorted Juveniles

    Fowokan T. Adebiyi
    2 weeks ago
    The things 'we had' we delayed of all things, 'Baghdad' we clichéd 'Overseas', a thought we proclaimed But the acoustic spot we still remained A small of its life, we brood and con ...
  • The Trek To Destiny

    Sam Kajo
    3 days ago
    Doshima is a very brilliant and beautiful lady. She is a descent of the great Gideons family in Kwande of Benue State, Nigeria. Doo's biological parents died in a plane crash while traveling for a bus ...
  • Servitude

    Bello Sodeeq
    4 weeks ago
    Servitude . In the pamphlet of country like mine words akin servitude are accentuate by the masses even the huge land mass could attest to my county's dilemma . Whenever we belch, we emit the ...


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