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  • Jane's Dilemma 7&8 (Final Chapters)

    Grace Onojeta
    Chapter 7 "You still haven't told me why you came back home so early—what are you doing at home in the middle of the semester?" my mum asked for the umpteenth time. I sighed 'won't this woman ...
  • Far Away From Home

    Omolola Oshafunmi
    3 days ago
    I opened my eyes gently and found myself on the floor surprisingly, had I fallen off my bed, I sat up and looked at my hands,"Whaaa....", I said, staring at the chains in my hand, confused, "where I'm ...

    Sunday Precious
    3 days ago
    The pains of being hit They say love is a feast Maybe a feast of my death Cause I've lost all my strength Just waiting to be taken away Blue sea, sunkissed reflects light My heart has been bro ...
  • Nkem

    Oko Agi Nuel
    6 days ago
    Nkem The fertile soil that feeds and houses the root of a tree I heard that your father is planning to cut me off your sweet soil In is words he said "I hate the holes in his chicks when he smiles" ...
  • The Boy Next Door

    Omotola Abidemi
    6 days ago
    The boy next door His eyes; cloudlike with warmth and light Usually pale and yet so white His claylike smooth skin, the smooth brown of groundnut paste Made me want to spurt out words in haste Lo ...
  • For Allah's Sake

    Raaina Aranmolate
    6 days ago
    Chapter One "Bewaji!" "Bewaji"Maami called with a shrill voice. ugh can't she just call me by my Muslim name..Monsurah Olabewaji Thomas thought.She left what she was doing and ran to meet her ...

    Blessing Treasure
    4 days ago
    ANCESTRAL CURSE Baba dance with me I hear the sounds But i can't see the drummers Beating Baba do you like my steps? They say i dance well But the drummers are upset They're upset i still ...
  • Land Of The Fallen Moon

    Uedum Bianu Yorkuri
    3 weeks ago
    Land of the fallen moon ...
  • My Queen

    Antipah Wamalwa Eugene
    2 weeks ago
    I look at your face—I see the age showing.And our life—I see where it's going.You are my love—That's all I know.Together long we have lived—Sweet life we have.I don't know much ...
  • Harmattan Caskets

    Izunna Ohajuba
    2 weeks ago
    Nnaa bịa nyere anyị aka bugo igbe a na elu ugbo ala" My grandfather beckons on the trader's apprentice to help out in putting the three caskets we bought in the trunk of the Dyna. It was still the ear ...


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