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  • Rumors Of Insanity

    Ochonogor Ifeanyi Excel
    14 months ago
    In my country,Rumors of insanity scuttlesIn haste like an earnest cry Yet we’re falling for the auntiesOf this desolated insanityLike a difficult teardropThat prevents a dog from smelling exc ...
  • Waves

    Vanessa nwosu
    15 months ago
    Slowly in tides, time flows by in a rush like waves. We go through our days like people in the crowd with nothing but fake smiles and our hands in forced waves. We imprison our thoughts in our heads l ...
  • Twisted (1)

    Joy Nwankwo
    15 months ago
    Eunice rubbed her palm across her face to clear off the vestige of sleep so she could see clearly. The text which had just entered her phone woke her up from a sleep which was nowhere near enough. She ...

    Ojonugwa John Attah
    13 months ago
    THE REVOLUTION IS COMING Sometimes I sit and wonder How a lot of things go here A few tears here and there, stifled laughter in the mix and a sandwich of hatred in between. I look in every direc ...
  • Emi"lia 2

    Alex Lawless
    16 months ago
    Three months already, Oh! how time flies, It was 6 in the morning and the dawn of the weekend, Jesse Ziggler the Calabar charmer, went jogging and hiking,from sipi falls to the peak of the mountains ...
  • In Our Days

    Joseph Ileme
    14 months ago
    We had the television We had a clear vision All aware of our mission And it was difficult fishing Out the ones without respect As an elder you'd get what you expect Phones had only buttons And ...

    Mr. Uduakobong Clement
    16 months ago
    Secret betrayal Episode 13 Wedding plans for Vera and Desmond kicked off and guess who would be the chief bride's maid- your guess is as good as mine. We went shopping and bought all the things ...

    Mr. Uduakobong Clement
    16 months ago
    Secret betrayal Episode 14 Saturday morning and in a matter of hours Vera would be married to Desmond and her status would change. She was so excited so much that she woke me up as early as 05:0 ...

    Mr. Uduakobong Clement
    16 months ago
    Secret betrayal Episode 15 The bride and chief were set before half past nine o'clock. We waited patiently for the car to arrive that would take us to church, just a fifteen minute drive from th ...

    Debby Onyechefu
    14 months ago
    Like a dream, I saw a grain of sand vast as the stream, I couldn't tell where land ended and sea began. Above my head the wind seemed to kiss the sky, and I couldn't stand the chirping of the cricket ...


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