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  • The Storm Is Brutal

    Victor agbo
    3 days ago
    Though the storm is brutal! But one day it will ease its pain The storm might be wailing now Tomorrow I know the sun will come. Though the storm is heavy! But the future, I see is lighter than ...
  • Ogbanje (spirit Child)

    Onwubuariri Jachinma Ruth
    2 weeks ago
    A certain descent has defiled time A subject of interest have they become Their existence is superficial Filled with myths and folklores He has had fathers of many clans And many women he had man ...
  • My Pillow

    Okpa usang usang
    4 months ago
    My heart bleed endlessly My eyes weep Tears flow My chest soak with my own tears My pillows sing the songs of justice My blanket lull me to sleep My bed comfort me That night I know the beau ...
  • The Imperial Body Guard ( Episode1)

    Israel Celestine
    3 months ago
    THE IMPERIAL BODYGUARD . . Writer ✍️ : Master IC. Israel . . Episode 1 . . In a continent called #The Embodied Continent ...., There are twelve kingdom there. one of those Kingdom include #Th ...

    Ochonogor Ifeanyi Excel
    3 months ago
    Ewatomi Omo Ola - Onibadi aran So swifty was your voice Like a dot on a hummingbird How can i easily read your flesh from my heart? How do i count the stars in your sky? Please teach me how ...

    Ayoade Sulaimon Oriyomi
    3 months ago
    A philanthropist came with an agenda 'HOPE 93, farewell to poverty" But he never knew, It was a farewell to his life The masses filed out in thousands To decide who would paddle their affairs ...
  • Down In The Dumps

    Jessica Wellington
    7 months ago
    ...and we're here again trapped in the abyss of our own feelings. The world rotates, we float, up and down, different directions, after all,we're still...down in the dumps ...this love as ep ...
  • Let Me Breathe

    Ogonnaya Uche
    3 months ago
    Can I have a second to breathe? Can I even have some breath? Oh! I can't breathe! I wish I could breathe, But Chauvin - ism wouldn't let me breathe, Nor would the yoke to my neck I want to bre ...

    Ukeme-obong Christopher
    4 weeks ago
    PROLOGUE "I am broken," Daitoro says while looking at Sterling with unclear eyes. Her tears flow unbidden. She could not believe that the romantic gesture of Sterling had turned awry. Yes, she had ...
  • Tears Of The Sons

    Ekene Daniel
    2 months ago
    A country rejected its own A Motherland betrayed her sons A land of broken cisterns His rejection extends across the Oceans Not blaming his racial makeup But his statehood Self-denial of one ...


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