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    Aliyu Yusuf
    16 months ago
    BENEFITS OF EATING QUALITY OVER QUANTITY I have heard many middle class and lower class people in my community criticizing the rich of being healthy because of what they put into their stomach ...
  • Common Little Mistakes Women Make

    Lawrence Ruth
    16 months ago
    Common Little Mistakes Women Make In search for a perfect lifestyles and a healthy well being women or ladies can go so far in their quest for their desires. Women unlike men have a fragile ...
  • Twenty- First Century Women

    Gloria Edukere
    16 months ago
    Globally, women make up a higher percentage of inhabitants in most countries, although a lower percentage of women are involved in nation building and societal affairs. Gender sensitive issues are a ...

    Covenant Friday
    11 months ago
    My father, a man of valour, a man of integrity, a man of prospect and a man of values who sook for the solace of those he calls his. He refuged the lost, fed the needy, gave hope to those who longed f ...
  • You Will Not Understand

    Abasiama Udom
    3 months ago
    It is difficult for me, a woman to succeed in this Africa. That is why I sit here slumped across the hole-ridden sofa that was gifted my husband by his uncle who just came from the abroad. You see, i ...
  • Pregnant Women And Black Seeds

    Adesokan Abdulafeez
    3 months ago
    Pregnant Women Should NOT take Black Seeds. Black Seeds have a great benefit for anyone in any condition. Some pregnant women have benefited from taking black seeds as it is known to boost immunity f ...
  • She Is A Whore

    Emerald May
    17 months ago
    I have been Athena observing of late and I will say it loud and clear to bring to shame the work of the devil, " Athena is a whore." I swear she is a whore. Ooooh my God...Those poor men who get lured ...
  • A Woman That Loves Me And A Woman I Love, Who Would I Choose?

    Anih Chidera Abraham
    2 months ago
    Someone asked me between the girl I love and the girl who loves me, who would I choose. I know the answer is easy: choose the one who loves you, right? But... But, I don't know, maybe I was b ...
  • African Beauties

    Frank Olunga Khange
    4 months ago
    African beauties The birds singing loudly African beauties walking proudly With well-calculated steps Shaking what they inherited They are highly ranked Heavenly rated African beauties The r ...

    Ugwu Chiamaka(jiaspeaks)
    5 months ago
    Dear girl child, My pen refuses to bleed In reminder of the pain you have felt, The scars you conceal And the tears you hide From the striking memories Of that father who defiled your tender inn ...


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