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  • Love Regardless

    Mfon Victory
    16 months ago
    A farmer without a hoe - jobless A man without opinions - speechless Sex without emotions - pointless Love without a heart - homeless Love without freedom - useless Love without prejudice Love w ...
  • The Trek To Destiny

    Sam Kajo
    11 months ago
    Doshima is a very brilliant and beautiful lady. She is a descent of the great Gideons family in Kwande of Benue State, Nigeria. Doo's biological parents died in a plane crash while traveling for a bus ...

    Smart Felix
    11 months ago
    According to legend, the Calydonians were among the first warriors to inhabit the earth. They ranged from a mighty family and later accumulated a lot of prestiges as sailors. Once while travelling on ...
  • Adopting The Traditional Mode Of Communication In Mobilising Support For Gov Ikpeazu's Victory In The Abia Guber Poll

    Okechukwu Ukegbu
    15 months ago
    Adopting the traditional mode of communication in mobilising support for Gov. Ikpeazu's victory in the Abia guber poll By Okechukwu Keshi Ukegbu The stage is becoming hotter and the camp ...

    Egboka victory
    14 months ago
    Judas feels bored. It is always that bland at the dinning table. Master prays and talks so much— always admonishing his followers to put up more Instagram ads and attract more followers. Judas ...

    Egboka victory
    16 months ago
    Today is Laila's birthday. Her plans: Visit boyfriend then go pick her cake at the baker's shop. After half an hour. A car tire slashes, a quick pause, succeeded with silence. Shouts. Crimson bl ...

    Egboka victory
    18 months ago
    To you traveller. Never walk while the roads are thirsty.It's a pray. I wouldn't move a feet but lips. Return to me afterwards my lover. To you traveller. My lamp shimmers all darkness. Let oil be on ...

    Egboka victory
    18 months ago
    Her love is Africa. Tender and nascent. Like a green little girl, she gave every pearl in her belly. Her kiss is African air. Filled with dusty taste of freshness and sweet breath. Her embrace ...

    Egboka victory
    17 months ago
    LION SON The Mmadu family got the news too. "Soldiers deployed to Sambisa forest return on Monday. At Abuja airport." The tiny voice of the news reporter sang from Papa's old radio. Like every f ...

    Egboka victory
    18 months ago
    My heart is a mausoleum, mother was the last demon that joined my legions. Her pictures in my head never cease to stretch their vocal cords, whisper lures and taunt me to avenge her death. To mo ...


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