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  • Love To A Fault. Aka My Suicide Note.

    Ritzy Opera
    *LOVE TO A FAULT* (My suicide note.) I know that you won't see it this way, you will probably see me as a selfish, heartless girl but you don't understand. You never did. I know that this shouldn't ...
  • The Imperial Body Guard ( Episode1)

    Israel Celestine
    2 weeks ago
    THE IMPERIAL BODYGUARD . . Writer ✍️ : Master IC. Israel . . Episode 1 . . In a continent called #The Embodied Continent ...., There are twelve kingdom there. one of those Kingdom include #Th ...

    Deborah Enyo Omali
    4 weeks ago
    Cursed reflection Hovering in my little backyard, I should have listened to my dad. Even in the midst of my lineage, I still hear the voice of its image. Cursed reflection Tattooed everywhere ...
  • If I Die

    Frank Olunga Khange
    3 weeks ago
    If I die If I die, Let it be in March, Twenty ninth on my birthday, If I die, Let it be on a Friday, People should not mourn, Because I will come back again, If I die, My ex should dig my g ...
  • CAT

    Frank Olunga Khange
    4 weeks ago
    She owns a cat, Her own cat, The cat that vomits money, The cat that makes rich men thirsty, She owned a cat. The cat that makes her proud, With the cat she fears no God, Religion is a waste ...

    Joseph willie
    4 weeks ago
    Karma. The positive or negative balance of our thoughts, words and deeds. In essence, the creation of corresponding energy that comes back to us in one form or another as a result of our actions. Lik ...
  • Enchanted

    Ekene Daniel
    3 months ago
    Remember the other day when you took me aside? And caused me to look into your eyes Our eyes met I remember what I saw I saw burning ice in those eyes. And the eyes wept. My fragile heart wept ...
  • Hunted Yet Loved

    Ekene Daniel
    2 months ago
    I sort to be loved When in fact I didn’t know what love is So, I flirted with words; Lavishing sweet kind words to hitching ears to win their love- as though it could be purchased. Of ...
  • Another Day Of The Barracks

    Gabriel Agema
    3 months ago
    The onslaught had begun. It was going to be a massacre from what everyone was seeing. The Boko Haram insurgents had already taken over the town and were coming from every direction, or that is what it ...
  • The Strange Story Of Men

    Raphael Francis
    2 months ago
    View this story from two different angles. 1 Take the monsoon season, where the rain is a constant, lulling hum outside the windows, where clothes, the windows, the pictures are gro ...


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