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  • Pass Out

    Aniekan Andikan
    2 weeks ago
    Look at me. I have no legs. Look at me when I was younger and you will know that I was not born like this. I was born normal just like you. Well, not quite. I had this condition that made me pass o ...
  • Love To A Fault. Aka My Suicide Note.

    Ritzy Opera
    3 months ago
    I know that you won't see it this way, you will probably see me as a selfish, heartless girl but you don't understand. You never did. I know that this shouldn't be tagged as your fault but you must b ...
  • Merman

    Umeh Martins Somadina
    19 months ago
    My body is a drone, covering the extent of my dream. The problem is the mind that sees a dead end. Sometime ago i unlynched a boy they said stole Maggi in Aba market, so he sees the witnesse ...

    Balogun Abdulbasit
    19 months ago
    Have you ever thought A time like this will come Where Homosapiens With high intelligible traits Will behave like unintelligible beings Where harassment, rape and physical abuse will become a nor ...

    Balogun Abdulbasit
    19 months ago
    Don’t kill yourself Yes you! I’m talking to you It aint up to that I know your life might seem unworthy But suicide is not the answer It’s just a permanent solution to a tempora ...
  • If By Tonight

    Aniebiet Effiong
    9 months ago
    If by tonight, I blow this candle off, Walking unto the other side, Cry not, Of how dark the road is for me to tread, If by tonight, I blow this candle off, Making the other side my new abode, ...
  • Not Just Words

    Hope Ukaegbu
    10 months ago
    I couldn't do it! I thought my mind was made up about it already...after all, there seems to be nothing to live for anymore. I stared at those pills for God knows how long... I'm sure I counted them ...
  • Felo-de-se

    Lawrence Ruth
    11 months ago
    I am beginning to feel there's no God. If there is, does he love me, care for me and have something great for me in store while I faced the kind of unpleasant childhood I had? The maltreatment and mol ...
  • Humpty Dumpty

    Davidejiro Obokare
    19 months ago
    "Pop!!pop!!pop!!" Take that lumpy "Pop pop pop" The eggs hit her with the force of bullets from a machine gun.. Kids are vicious animals, Buh she has a thick skin and she is used to this.. Stick ...
  • The Many Shapes Of Loss

    Ihezie Eberechukwu
    19 months ago
    I found her sweater the other day in my closet. It was the black sweater she bought few months before she left. I remember that day very well because I picked it out for her. She wanted the light pink ...


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