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  • Humpty Dumpty

    Davidejiro Obokare
    5 months ago
    "Pop!!pop!!pop!!" Take that lumpy "Pop pop pop" The eggs hit her with the force of bullets from a machine gun.. Kids are vicious animals, Buh she has a thick skin and she is used to this.. Stick ...
  • Merman

    Umeh Martins Somadina
    6 months ago
    My body is a drone, covering the extent of my dream. The problem is the mind that sees a dead end. Sometime ago i unlynched a boy they said stole Maggi in Aba market, so he sees the witnesse ...

    Balogun Abdulbasit
    6 months ago
    Don’t kill yourself Yes you! I’m talking to you It aint up to that I know your life might seem unworthy But suicide is not the answer It’s just a permanent solution to a tempora ...

    Balogun Abdulbasit
    6 months ago
    Have you ever thought A time like this will come Where Homosapiens With high intelligible traits Will behave like unintelligible beings Where harassment, rape and physical abuse will become a nor ...
  • Living With The Madness That Dwells Within.

    Ihezie Eberechukwu
    4 months ago
    1: REALITY. Outside, a knock sounds on my door. I heard it clearly through my headset but I ignore it. I increase the volume of the music playing on my phone so high that it drowned out the sound of ...
  • The Many Shapes Of Loss

    Ihezie Eberechukwu
    5 months ago
    I found her sweater the other day in my closet. It was the black sweater she bought few months before she left. I remember that day very well because I picked it out for her. She wanted the light pink ...
  • Suicide

    Adebimpe Owoseni
    6 months ago
    Yours poetically, Phoenix Lovelace d poet She feign smiles To sheath her cries, But beneath these smiles, Her heart is filled with wiles; Just like within a golden casket lies A decaying corps ...
  • Wifey

    Aniekan Andikan
    4 months ago
    If you had a wife like mine, you probably would not be able to leave the house even for a minute each day. She's the most fun-filled lady I've ever come in contact with and mind you, I've been around ...
  • Cast In Stone

    Victor Adakole
    3 weeks ago
    I love my parents. I'm here sitting and trying to concentrate between watching the TV and using a side eye to spy my parents who are playing love play on the three sitter cushion. You see, my daddy ju ...
  • Drying From A Broken Heart~The Communal Pain Of Suicide

    Ayo Ayo
    7 months ago
    This week, a friend of mine took her life. Out of respect for her family, I will call her Anna. Someone once called her a, “beautiful train wreck,” but as I think about her and the mental ...


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