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  • Chemistry

    Frank Olunga Khange
    3 months ago
    I can read your mind like a periodic table, since every time you smile I see effervescence of love, and when you laugh my heart burns with a pop sound. Every time when we are together I feel like ...
  • The Invasion.....before The Uprising

    22 months ago
    It seemed Earth was under attack, NASA had spotted a fleet of unidentified space crafts rapidly approaching earth. The space crafts were very sophisticated and we'll designed for speed, it was fas ...
  • Political Science

    Uketui Anthony
    15 months ago
    This is no research, this is just my personal opinion, I apologize for being blunt but my sharpness has dulled since the thought of putting this on paper, humorous right?. This piece was actually ins ...
  • University Scientists Discover More About Urine Metabolome In Humans

    Adebimpe Owoseni (adebimpepenultimate)
    21 months ago
    Human health is determined by the quality of their urines, because it is the by-products of what they consume every day. Urine is the liquid waste excreted from bladders of humans and animals. Urine c ...


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