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  • So Much For Boarding School

    Victoria B. Willie
    2 weeks ago
    It was her first night in a boarding school. As she lay on her bed with an unquenchable urge to pee, her back hurt from the ten hot slaps six senior students gave her earlier that day for walking thro ...
  • Story Of Me And You.

    Ritzy Opera
    4 weeks ago
    Our story started when I was sixteenI was young and ready to fly, ignoring all advice.Then I met you.And without knowing, my heart became yours. We stayed in the same dormSo it was totally out of the ...
  • Time Management Principle Part 2: Changing Your Time Habits

    Okoronkwo Francis
    2 months ago
    When we do things regularly, it gradually becomes a habit. Every habit can be learned, including time-wasting. That is why we need to change our habits towards time so that we become more in control o ...
  • The Storm Isn't Your Fate

    John Tosin Adekunle
    17 months ago
    What could be more shocking than being faced with a block of challenge one would least expect? My face blazed up with a promising smile and deep joy, when I saw my first JAMB score. With it I simply ...
  • Blossom

    Ama Idim
    18 months ago
    The cracks on my lips may be sharper than a two edged sword. As black as they are, I wonder why they crack. My messy hair hangs loosely over my face like one who has never known a comb. How did I bec ...

    Nnamani Grace
    18 months ago
    " Where is Derek, my seat mate?" james asked him with a grin. Fred's stare gave him creeps, but he fought the fear remebering his title, the head boy of the school. " when you passed out, he helped ...

    Nnamani Grace
    18 months ago
    OLYMPIC HIGH SCHOOL The noise of the whole hall echoed in his ears, the applauding, the chattering, the speaker. Everything pissed him off, the whole place seemed to b turning upside down. " Pl-- ...
  • In Nigeria, To Go To School Is To Make It In Life

    Aniebiet Effiong
    5 months ago
    This topic may sound scamming, false and annoying to the hearing of a hustling Nigerian graduate who became Peter, toiling all night since graduation. If your reasoning has always been in line with th ...

    Ogwo Charles
    16 months ago
    LIFE AFTER COLLEGE IN SOME PART OF AFRICA Unlike the westerner where students who have just finished college immediately joins the higher school in continuation of their academic pursuit, even the ...
  • In Our Days

    Joseph Ileme
    16 months ago
    We had the television We had a clear vision All aware of our mission And it was difficult fishing Out the ones without respect As an elder you'd get what you expect Phones had only buttons And ...


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