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  • Misfortune

    Tobi Shotayo
    2 weeks ago
    Misfortune Sudden and unexpected She makes her arrival; deriving pleasure From the pain she causes She finds the perfect time When everything is fine And then she strikes But never alone, wit ...
  • A Letter From A Dead Husband

    Frank Olunga Khange
    3 months ago
    My eyes have never dried, You know the circumstances that lead to my departure, The pain and the torture, Seeing you suffer, Take heart dear one. Now you are the laughing stock, And your life' ...
  • Memories Of Mom

    Ritzy Opera
    5 months ago
    Do you remember the times when we sat and talk? How we mapped out the future? How we joked over breaking melon? Well, do you? Cause I do. Do you remember the times where I threw a tantrum; How ...
  • My Lover (Pain)

    Tobi Shotayo
    14 months ago
    My lover holds my hand and leads me down dark alleys She touches my face and smiles at me, She lies next to me and tells me: "I'm never leaving you". My lover holds me tight in my darkest hour, ...
  • The Theory Of Sadness/ Telephone Conversation With Olayinka/ The Eleventh Commandment

    Olabisi Akinwale
    14 months ago
    the theory of sadness happiness was created to stop our faces from carrying the weight of sadness renting apartment in our bodies, & because the universe runs into herself for refuge, we ru ...
  • How To Be Free / Live / Trash Can Of Sadness

    Olabisi Akinwale
    14 months ago
    How to be free the radio said a boy with seven lifelines skipped his lifelines to suicide; a free visa to a country dancing to the earth’s beat/// a skin immune to the night’s cut// ...


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