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  • Chemistry

    Frank Olunga Khange
    3 months ago
    I can read your mind like a periodic table, since every time you smile I see effervescence of love, and when you laugh my heart burns with a pop sound. Every time when we are together I feel like ...
  • Age: A Friendly Monster

    Oyeniyi Joshua
    21 months ago
    For times and seasons Were forever young Playing games of hide and seek With the brotherly mortals And when it seems as though life was at its peak They'd taught them how to observe duly every da ...
  • Perfection In Imperfections

    Oyeniyi Joshua
    21 months ago
    Love sowed a seed The land was so glad to receive it Sun shined so bright to welcome it Rain didn't stop to shower it Everything were in together for its development. In no distant time, the yest ...


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