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    Ochonogor Ifeanyi Excel
    2 months ago
    Ewatomi Omo Ola - Onibadi aran So swifty was your voice Like a dot on a hummingbird How can i easily read your flesh from my heart? How do i count the stars in your sky? Please teach me how ...
  • Stay With Me

    Ekene Daniel
    2 months ago
    He comes, Unworthy of your young and innocent love He professes you his undying love Tender care and attention He comes, Again With broken promises Oh! selfish and unkind Unfaithful and fait ...
  • That's Love

    Ritzy Opera
    4 weeks ago
    When my heart gets to skip a beat. All because you looked at me. When I sighed in contentment All because of watching you smile. I knew that what I felt for you was love. When we argued and mad ...
  • A Woman That Loves Me And A Woman I Love, Who Would I Choose?

    Anih Chidera Abraham
    2 months ago
    Someone asked me between the girl I love and the girl who loves me, who would I choose. I know the answer is easy: choose the one who loves you, right? But... But, I don't know, maybe I was b ...
  • Forever Ain't Enough If It's With You I Will Stay

    Naphtali Banda
    3 months ago
    Circular in shape. Roamed the universe to find that which I was missing. Had the cake ready just needed that sweet-tasting icing. No more searching forever the moment I found my flavor. Metallic ...
  • What It Means

    Ogbonna Nnaemeka Henry
    4 months ago
    It's not the shortened calls nor the one-liners it's neither the lull in your voice nor the lack of spark in your tone It's not read texts and blue ticks nor the umpteenth promises of calling It ...
  • In Eden

    Ekene Daniel
    2 months ago
    I have a tale to tell Of my visit to Eden Eden, from whence flowed the Four Rivers of Love It was there I found her My First love Pishon was her name For she was my golden girl From the city ...

    Ugwu Chiamaka(jiaspeaks)
    2 months ago
    I was 6 when my dignity was taken from me. Nighttime became a time I dreaded most. Every night I would battle the pain I felt inside of me or in my mouth. And because this thief was the one I calle ...
  • Masked

    Juliet Dauda
    3 months ago
    Oh my goodness!! I feel so bad right now. I am really sorry y'all. It's been a year already since I last visited this wonderful platform. I know some people don't even remember my story 'Masked', s ...
  • Could You Not Love Me?

    Ritzy Opera
    3 months ago
    Could you not love me? Why can't you love me? I know I am not what you look for. I know I am not your first choice more second I'm not even sure I am choice but still, could you not love me? ...


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