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    Uduak Akpan
    4 weeks ago
    As I jog around along with the early morning wind of a Sunday, I refer back to my past life, mistakes, pain, gain, success, failure, disappointment and all. Looking at myself right now, I have alot t ...
  • The Wedding

    chizoba mbakwe
    2 months ago
    The wedding I woke up with the smiles I never had It was ten times better than my childhood smiles I looked outside the windows and I am amazed I jumped up and screamed out For people to know It ...

    sheila muyela
    3 months ago
    FROM MUM It's not the thickness of my kinky black hair, not the richness of my chocolate coloured skin, definately not the pretty people that I get to call kin, not the gap in my teeth that makes ...
  • To My Other Half

    Ekpo Edidiong
    5 months ago
    I'd be with you from dusk till dawn Through the darkest night and the brightest morn I'm taking this road with you and I'm not turning back You're my light baby, without you it's pitch black W ...

    Temidayo Jacob
    5 months ago
    All strong parts of my body began to shake the first time I saw her. Beautiful body, bright eyes, even her smile is a sweet killer. Call her ‘the daughter of the Greek god of beauty’ a ...

    6 months ago
    WHEN THE "YES" CAME... Just a YES can end any mess Dear, I can't love you less Because I have found you as my best You might not be a nurse Nor wear a medical vest But you are all I call my ...
  • True Identity

    Nnamani Grace
    7 months ago
    #Episode 2Febe steps out of Vicky's shop and went straight to his car. He enters and exhales nervously. "This is the first time in years I have been so nervous" he says to himself and smiles. Then he ...
  • True Identity

    Nnamani Grace
    7 months ago
    #True_IdentityEpisode 3.Vicky was on her way to the shop when someone stops her."Hello".She looked back and it was the hot guy from yesterday.Vicky smiles. "Wow! What are u doing here?" .Febe smiles a ...
  • All Of A Sudden

    Jason Joshua chigozie
    3 weeks ago
    Love doesn't seem blind You're like my lens Your love to brighten up my world. We've had offs and on Quarreled and fought But the love waxed stronger. Suddenly things changed Not for good b ...
  • The Wrong Girl

    Gabriel Agema
    7 months ago
    When you decide to fall in love (or as in my case), fall in love accidentally, please and please remember to do your research. And when you are doing that research, do not bother about her character y ...


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