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  • Prodigal Daughter

    Frank Olunga Khange
    5 months ago
    It is true I am whole, Call me prodigal daughter, Spiritual laughter. I am real, nothing fake, No need to pretend for Christ sake, Thou shall not judge. Sorry I am not holy, Some darkness, ...
  • Men Of The Grave

    Felix Zachariah
    3 months ago
    The Spirit of Fear: Fear is one of the greatest devices of the Devil. He had used it to held back many in perpetual bondage. The fear of insecurity, the fear of the unknown, the fear of rising to d ...
  • When Religion Comes On The Way.

    Lawrence Ruth
    17 months ago
    “So are you telling me you’re not gonna marry me?” a perplexed looking Raj asked. “I'm sorry, Raj, but you’ve seen how clear this is. I'm a Christian, and you? You&rsquo ...
  • Hunted Yet Loved

    Ekene Daniel
    6 months ago
    I sort to be loved When in fact I didn’t know what love is So, I flirted with words; Lavishing sweet kind words to hitching ears to win their love- as though it could be purchased. Of ...
  • If

    Reginald Chinuwa
    19 months ago
    If our worst elements could ceaseTo exist for a season, A day, or an hourno! for just a secondI'd become Time itself, Deliberately offending the Cosmos, like the fallen lord didPossessing my free will ...
  • A Short Note On How To Become A Rich Pastor Every Sunday

    Aniebiet Effiong
    8 months ago
    Are you a Pastor? Called or not called? It shouldn't be an issue for you. Nigerians don't care about it, just give them the prosperity sermon and ask them to scream a thunderous amen. They will scream ...
  • Sister Mary

    Victoria B. Willie
    8 months ago
    All of us for this house be sisters. Sisters as par sey we dey holy. We dey live for one room with our mama as our papa dey heaven. We no dey like waka with man unless sey the man na persin wey sabi G ...
  • Daddy

    Aniekan Andikan
    20 months ago
    “Daddy?” she called as she slid down the bed, grabbing her bra that was lying like it was abandoned at the foot-side of the bed. “Yes dear,” Daddy responded hurriedly, his bre ...
  • One Ayah Changed My Life

    Muftaudeen Musa
    6 months ago
    Al-Fudayl ibn ‘Iyaad was famous for his piety and worship, but he was not always a practicing Muslim. In his early years, Al-Fudayl was an infamous highway robber; he would prowl in the night fo ...
  • Ileya: Beyond Meat, A Symbol Of Justice And Equality

    2 months ago
    With zero sentiments and fanatic, no event in the whole world brings people together like the Muslims' Ileya festival. This is the only period in 12 months where people travel thousands of miles home ...


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