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  • The Story In My Head (II)

    Emmiasky Ojex
    20 months ago
    I look down and I don't recognize myselfI tried to push my legs to go fasterbut I guess theirs was faster than mine Pushed to the wall of a filthy buildingAll I heard was ripplesI knew I've been caug ...
  • The Music Of Life

    Oko Agi Nuel
    20 months ago
    Dear you, Life is like a music, And it uses your heart as it's beat. Hence you are breathing, you can't resist to dance to its rhythm. Sometimes you love the music Sometimes you just want to s ...
  • The Beauty Of Our Love

    Akinola Ayodeji
    19 months ago
    The beauty of everything was that we fell in love, We knew what what we wanted, Happiness! And it was in both our eyes, We know the path is similar! So we board thesame sail, And as each noon p ...

    Ajao Ibrahim Bello
    17 months ago
    'KING 👑 OF ART'Poetry the king of art,With the tune of loveYou split into my heart ♥The greatness of craft.Time flies,that day you came with your blissA moment my ancestors could not missInser ...
  • Series Of A Hard Striker

    Author Enobong Ukpabio
    13 months ago
    Series of a hard striker Yes, So even guys with multiple lovers too can one day be a single guy with no one to say HI to from a stressed out day. Life of a single brother, Yes, single BROTHER bu ...

    Ajao Ibrahim Bello
    17 months ago
    TITLE: THINGS FALL APART With the click of a second Doubling into minutes Raise to the power of hours That evolutes into days and nights Weeks, Months and Years. I dreamt that things should ne ...


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