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  • ACRYLIC Chapter 1c

    Adeyemo Eyitayo
    7 months ago
    "Sir, the company's called and they'd like to see you urgently". Felicia informs Paul. "Any probs?". Paul asks. "They should know better sir, call them". Felicia advises Paul. "For Goodness' sake, I'v ...
  • Illusions I

    Alex Lawless
    15 months ago
    Chapter One My Animal kingdom Light and darkness, Winters and summers, Spinsters and hookers, Lord save a son from brokeness. With all amount of fairness, The line between ...
  • Illusions II (Unholy Union)

    Alex Lawless
    14 months ago
    Light or darkness, Right or Wrong, Good or evil, Black or white, We live in an age where darkness seems to feed on light and light seems to be pitching with darkness. The Journey Each ...


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