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  • Twisted (1)

    Joy Nwankwo
    17 months ago
    Eunice rubbed her palm across her face to clear off the vestige of sleep so she could see clearly. The text which had just entered her phone woke her up from a sleep which was nowhere near enough. She ...

    Philip Chijioke Abonyi
    2 months ago
    They sat next to me in a bus. A woman and her husband. “I know the journey will be tough,” the man mocked, staring at his wife with the corner of his left eye, “Nsukka the most tim ...

    Nancy Njihia
    17 months ago
    GOODBYE MY LOVE You promised to be with me In sickness and in health In the good and the bad In wealth or in poverty To love me till your last breath To mend me every time I break But where are ...

    Victor Adakole
    16 months ago
    “Tufiakwa!” “Don’t say that again… don’t even dare say that again…” “What would your father say, when he hears of this?” Ngozi just sto ...
  • Bimbo My Love

    Archwealth gates
    17 months ago
    The epitome of beauty, she walks majestically like a new bride ready for marriage. Her mouth is a vulcano that spit up sweetness like its said ' nobilliy' cant be bought with money my lady is ...
  • The Scorpion

    Reginald Chinuwa
    15 months ago
    Your life's a strange one,For you're an embodiment of a war And your reticence refusesTo be reminded Of the colours you miss, Yellow your childhood friendThe colour you hide, Pink your ever-abiding ri ...
  • Of What Use Is Cry!

    Emmiasky Ojex
    2 months ago
    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE ...
  • Panicking Beauty

    Olatide Oluwadamilola
    17 months ago
    She heaps a large thorn of vices against herself She got beauty in her appearance True beauty in her heart She got Charisma She got vibes She acts like an ignorant fool She answers her fears as ...
  • Oh!my Love

    Oladipupo Joy
    15 months ago
    With a melted heart, A dissolved and undiluted spirit, I declare my heartfelt desire, As a result of my admire, Waiting to be triggered, All in the hands of her Lord, As he hovered and hovered ...
  • One-sided Love

    Mathias Andy
    16 months ago
    One- Sided Love You feel what I feel Atleast, thats what I think What am I supposed to think? I feel happy when am with you Do you feel happy when you are with me? You tell me you love me You ...


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