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  • ...Then They Left

    Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu
    21 months ago
    two men walk down a deserted street,rehearsing stories of yesteryearsone told the other about the seaof drunk seamenof drunk semenof island girlsof island galesof itchy groins and yellow skinof comrad ...
  • A Broken Christmas

    Taiwo Olamide
    8 months ago
    'Mom, comy hang the starr!' cried little Tom, holding the golden star with his two hands like it was 50kg heavier than him. 'Hey…put that star down, you don't want it dropping on your feet!' Ru ...
  • A Home Above The Sky

    Falana Idowu Zion
    19 months ago
    The home is bright and far The brightness as the morning starThe home is so farBeyond the shining sky A home good and coolPeaceful like the unperturbed stream Everything there are goodA home for all, ...
  • A Human Being, Being Human

    Jude Umoren
    3 weeks ago
    (Love) I like a lot of weird things like the sound of raindrops on my roof. But whenever I tell people I love them, they still want me to show proof. (Anger) Pissed off many times, my hands are ...
  • A Letter From A Dead Husband

    Frank Olunga Khange
    2 months ago
    My eyes have never dried, You know the circumstances that lead to my departure, The pain and the torture, Seeing you suffer, Take heart dear one. Now you are the laughing stock, And your life' ...
  • A Letter To My Love

    Lawrence Ruth
    18 months ago
    I woke one early morning excited, too excited to eat my breakfast. This is really weird I mused, what could be my little secret. I felt some funny sensation within me, I felt really happy, I can&rsquo ...
  • A Lost Mantle

    6 months ago
    I am willing to change, But nobody is willing to listen Maybe this is the price I have to pay. I find no comfort in this darkness, For this dark sky has no stars. I have missed the suns brightn ...
  • A Love That Tried To Happen

    Elizabeth Oladapo
    9 months ago
    We came with different motives, hoping it will lead to something worth the while. Along the way, our emotions came into play and we fell apart. We tried to gain our stands but it was more difficult ...
  • A Motherly Kind Of Love.

    Ihezie Eberechukwu
    18 months ago
    1. The other lover always said I was very "self-absorbed" and "contained with myself". He always said it as if it is some kind of compliment. He meant it as a compliment when he praised me for my det ...
  • A Righteous Mistake

    Marymartin Okoabu
    14 months ago
    Chapter one Being born into a family of strict disciplinarians can be sometimes crazy, then having parents who are religious fanatics can be interesting - eeew! I knew you expected me to ...


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