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  • Kosher Imaginations' Account Of Judgement Day

    Victoria B. Willie
    5 months ago
    The Creator is sitting on the throne and the souls of the dead are on a queue - just like that of the ATM - each soul waiting for its turn to be interviewed. It gets to the turn of a cyber scammer, ho ...
  • Mr. Judge

    Aniebiet Effiong
    5 months ago
    And here, this battle again! I'm giving up! No I'm not. I'm buried in these voices that keeps sounding, And resounding in my head. Anxiety! I'm faced with this battle all alone, Battling with th ...

    Shedrack Akor
    18 months ago
    You have never failed to convict the guilty Those who do wrong ever escape thy chastening whips Thou visits the reprobate mind And the body cannot but show remorse You are present in the heart o ...


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