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    Basit AJIBADE
    2 months ago
    Times are bad, we all know that. Life truly has ways of pushing us around, making us feel sorry we had to go through all that. Need you to know, please, you're not in that realm alone. 78% of the wor ...
  • Black And White

    Frank Olunga Khange
    5 months ago
    Black and White, we were created, Created in His own image and likeness, Created perfectly to compliment each other, Our diversity our beauty, Our skin shade gift from Almighty, Black and White d ...
  • Breast The Tape

    Obinna kalu
    16 months ago
    Life is a sentence With a beginning and an end It is a period. A zone with everything in essence. A home, it makes. Mustn’t be with a door or window. It’s everything that brings down ...
  • Breathe

    Lady Hippie
    6 months ago
    Breathe. Don’t give up. Never lose hope. ...
  • Can I Use The Writer's Pencil?

    Abasiakara Monday
    14 months ago
    My life is on a smooth page, Not until I met this courageous poet Who called for a challenge To improve the power of my intellect He picked me up by words Grab me hard by my limb I didn't have ...
  • Cast Your Cares...

    Grace Ken
    17 months ago
    Cares here mean mental suffering, grief, oppression of the mind, weighed down by responsibilities or disquieted by apprehension. These cares are distractions from the word of God and change our confe ...
  • Dat Same Guy

    Godwin Ebube
    17 months ago
    There's a pian in your head. That same guy you know won't just let you be! They call him depression. What do you call him? Yeah. Fear- Your worst enemy. You just hate it. Like, you're boili ...
  • Deamer

    Frank Olunga Khange
    6 months ago
    Dreamer I am a dreamer, Believing tomorrow will be better, Even though today it's bitter, I am a believer, And nothing is permanent it will be over, Tomorrow, There will be no more sorrow, I ...
  • Dear God

    Frank Olunga Khange
    7 months ago
    Dear God I take the mic Down on my knees Humble please meet our needs Corona is pushing us to the corner Even the church is no go zone Like Paul we are in prison God give us a sign We have si ...
  • DEAR GOD...

    Godwin Ebube
    17 months ago
    Oh, dear God Bless our hearts with true love Towards one another Towards You, Father. Oh, dear God Give us our daily bread For here is our emptiness- That we may be full of health. Oh, dea ...


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