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    Mercy Godwin
    2 weeks ago
    The buffet was lovely. I, Jide and Lucky were in the club and eyed the cocktail of pills in front of us. Rephnol, Tutolin, Codeine, Emzolyn, D5 and Emzo5 in all their glory and colours. They were the ...

    Bolaji Seyi
    4 weeks ago
    The dreams are hanging and the visions are now blurred. What exactly has happened to the big ideas, the wonderful opportunities, the great investments, the outstanding talents and gifts? Imagine how f ...
  • Rule Of Law And Fight Against Corruption In Nigeria

    Okechukwu Ukegbu
    3 months ago
    Rule Of Law And The Fight Against Corruption In Nigeria By Okechukwu Keshi Ukegbu( 08021148862 Corruption in Nigeria context has been a nagging issue. The p ...
  • Media And Fight Against Corruption In Nigeria

    Okechukwu Ukegbu
    3 months ago
    Media and fight against corruption in Nigeria By Okechukwu Keshi Ukegbu 08021148862 Undoubtedly, corruption has been the bane of Nigeria’s development for decades now. Both the milita ...

    Adeniyi Adeyosola
    4 months ago
    ‘Hey Mum. You sent for me.’ She smiled as I announced my presence. Walking across the room to meet her, I wondered why her beautiful smile suddenly disappeared. Then it clicked, I was put ...
  • The Big Cat

    Aniekan Andikan
    7 months ago
    In the dog-lion fight, it was initially a game of intimidation and no one knew this better than the dog who had earned the nicknameBravestby reputation. He had gone to the battle field with all amount ...


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