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    Victor Adakole
    13 months ago
    “Tufiakwa!” “Don’t say that again… don’t even dare say that again…” “What would your father say, when he hears of this?” Ngozi just sto ...
  • ACRYLIC Chapter 1c

    Adeyemo Eyitayo
    7 months ago
    "Sir, the company's called and they'd like to see you urgently". Felicia informs Paul. "Any probs?". Paul asks. "They should know better sir, call them". Felicia advises Paul. "For Goodness' sake, I'v ...
  • Land Of The Fallen Moon

    Uedum Bianu Yorkuri
    15 months ago
    Land of the fallen moon ...
  • Steal Me A Broken Heart

    Lady Myzteriouz
    14 months ago
    Epilogue It is funny how men see women at times. They look at women and all they allow themselves to see would be the four corners of a bed and satin sheets. Lillian shook her head as she stared at t ...
  • Grave Fields

    Osuagwu Gracious
    13 months ago
    1 Though Pete pleaded, the spade came down on his head. At first, he was still more surprised at the impact of the strike than the blood streaming down his head. The whole world felt so ...
  • Tamunoiyereseigha (a Fiction)

    Jason Joshua chigozie
    15 months ago
    Hey I'm Tamunoiyereseigha but my friends call me 'Terra' for short a graduate of the university of Lagos I've got a story to share Derek Edwards was the best thing my life experienced, he was my s ...
  • Sixty Minutes

    Sangowawa moyo
    14 months ago
    My name is Chloe Zapanta a 15 year old student of Middleton high school. I have a comfortable relationship with my mum since I lost my dad to cancer early last year. We lived a decent middle class ...
  • The Invasion.....before The Uprising

    15 months ago
    It seemed Earth was under attack, NASA had spotted a fleet of unidentified space crafts rapidly approaching earth. The space crafts were very sophisticated and we'll designed for speed, it was fas ...

    Gabriel G. Odigiri
    13 months ago
    1. The journey to the airport was like travelling to the ends of the earth as I ran at 50-60 mph and my fuel meter was sullenly gawking at me. I probed the man at the passenger’s seat through t ...
  • Crazy

    Gabriel G. Odigiri
    13 months ago
    I could hear Dad in Lisa’s room. They hold vigil there since Mama was taken to the hospital. I cannot join because I am not an adult, Dad furrowed his brows at me when I told him I would like to ...


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