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  • Air Please!

    Udoh Ruth
    17 months ago
    Loads of heavy duty , super functioning electrical or heat generating gadgets have very good vents. Even houses have vent around the kitchen area, and areas where heat generating devices are installe ...
  • Dear School...

    Godwin Ebube
    9 months ago
    Dear, School. Indeed it is pertinent I acknowledge the fact that you have been my close friend, the reason why I can sufficiently express myself in the universal language. Thank you. Indeed, a ...
  • Lovin' You Means?

    Godwin Ebube
    12 months ago
    Loving you means Capturing your smiles With the lens of my eyes In pretty-dresed sunlight Loving you means Celebrating you always in my heart And not because it's your birthday Because loving ...
  • Mixed Feelings

    vechi Allen
    8 months ago
    It gets to this point in our life where all we need is love; care just to feel alright. That feeling of we needing another to support us with their shoulder; to stand by us through thick and thin u ...
  • Moments

    Godwin Ebube
    11 months ago
    Did you know that every moment shared with family and loved ones is a precious blessing you give and receive? How much money you spend on them doesn't count as much as how much time you spend with th ...
  • My Onions. My Pumpkin.

    Godwin Ebube
    13 months ago
    Perhaps one day, I'll tell myself a story. About how I left pure gold- one of God's gift to me since February 14th, 2017. I'll tell how we met as friends, found each other under the tree beside the ...


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