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  • An Ode To My Heart

    Amina Ahuraka
    18 months ago
    Yesterday I rejected love I had turned down its offer Telling everyone it was non existent Yesterday I denied love I had refused to accept That a heart could be so completely drawn to another ...

    Victor Adakole
    13 months ago
    "Send me your account number," this statement right here can cure the different levels of depression most of us suffer from. I'm yet to experience a feeling as worse as the 'broke phase' - when you n ...

    Tracy Njeri
    16 months ago
    GOLD HAS OWNERS! Whenever I saw you Whenever I met you Whenever I thought about you I saw my future in you I would see your cuteness In my eyes, you were flawless You screamed boldness You wa ...
  • Mixed Feelings

    vechi Allen
    8 months ago
    It gets to this point in our life where all we need is love; care just to feel alright. That feeling of we needing another to support us with their shoulder; to stand by us through thick and thin u ...
  • More Than A Crush

    Lawrence Ruth
    14 months ago
    More Than A Crush The first time we met was my best time. My Worst time when you give me no time. I behaved strong to get ride of you yet I act silly for your love. All my greenlight's y ...
  • My Crush

    Samuel Anjolaoluwa
    2 months ago
    #💖 MY CRUSH It was just few minutes past 6pm, Tomiwa had just gained admission into the University of Lagos to study Economics. She was new to the system because she just joined. All lectures ...
  • My Crush

    Samuel Anjolaoluwa
    2 months ago
    💖#MY CRUSH The two new friends got so used to each other. They became really close and it felt like they had known each other for years. A day would not go by without them seeing each other. Tom ...
  • My Crush

    Lawrence Ruth
    14 months ago
    My Crush I thought he was the right one. First time we spoke I felt my heart skip a bit. How handsome, I mused. Black Beauty was what he was. He was my crush. Shy me, dying silently ...
  • My Potential Wife

    Frank Olunga Khange
    3 weeks ago
    To My Potential Wife With no doubt you are reading this, I know you are in a relationship, Yet I am here full of lonelyship, Daily I am praying for your heartbreak, So that I could nurse your h ...
  • My Secret Crush

    Nana Hauwa
    16 months ago
    I secretly watch you when you are not looking, not in a creepy way but in a if I don't lay my eyes on you my day is not complete sort of way, I will you to look at me but when you finally do, I quickl ...


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