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    Ibrahim Abdulateef
    15 months ago
    Be careful, when you step into the threshold of my heart. when you -at full flight take off, to the crux of my existence. . take of my fruit, and suck its supple innings. drink from my wine - ...

    Igoche John Igoche
    16 months ago
    The Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination was in three weeks’ time and teaching for the SS3 students wasn’t really tedious any longer; the students were given more time to revise ...
  • Cast Your Cares...

    Grace Ken
    10 months ago
    Cares here mean mental suffering, grief, oppression of the mind, weighed down by responsibilities or disquieted by apprehension. These cares are distractions from the word of God and change our confe ...
  • The Break Up

    Godwin Ebube
    7 months ago
    Lost it when I hurt you, When I didn't kiss you- When your lips came close to me. Right there where you left me, I still feel you. Over and out! This is how you want it now And I'm fine, okay ...

    Covenant Friday
    7 months ago
    CHAPTER 1 OVERPROTECTIVE DAD Mr. Dom: "Hurry up Belinda or you'll be late for school". Came the voice of my dad Mr. Dom (short for Dominic), from the parking lot. My dad is a tall, dark, masculine ...
  • Baby Love

    Aniekan Andikan
    6 months ago
    Just two months ago, he was the center of attention, their all in all, the center of their world. At least, that is what they told him on countless occasions. Even when his mother’s tummy had gr ...

    Akole Banji Mayowa
    16 months ago
    Warning! This is not a literature class...might not be too grammatical.... Like some of you would have known...about some level of "hardheadedness" that's in my makeup. So, while every child goes to ...


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