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    Jemimah Oni
    3 months ago
    Adorable is what everyone thinks when they see me Lovable is what they all feel when they talk to me Admirable is what they say when they hear me talk Dependable is the description they give when t ...
  • Panicking Beauty

    Olatide Oluwadamilola
    6 months ago
    She heaps a large thorn of vices against herself She got beauty in her appearance True beauty in her heart She got Charisma She got vibes She acts like an ignorant fool She answers her fears as ...
  • Dark Skin, Black Beauty.

    Lawrence Ruth
    3 months ago
    Dark Skin, Black Beauty. Through those glittering melanin at high ratio you see the beauty in dark skin. No need for sun obsorber or No need to worry about sun burns For a skin that's dark ...

    Basit AJIBADE
    4 months ago
    ODE to ÀPÈKÉ Dedication: To All CHASTE Yoruba ladies. Out of a seven-bones,Goodness to this planet,Love’s lashed and insatiable essences,Sodden with fragrance,And &Agrav ...
  • Black Beauty.

    Lawrence Ruth
    3 months ago
    Black Beauty. I had woken up that early morning feeling weak and tired what actually got me tired and weak wasn’t work or stress but the complexion of my skin “ Am damn Black not e ...
  • When I Know It Hers

    Daniel Ajayi
    8 months ago
    When I can’t times the time Only if I don’t know the morning breeze It on me to say all, to tell more That if there is a soul I see A voice I heard of, through It read rhymes in my ...
  • Africa My Land, My Pride

    Falana Idowu Zion
    6 months ago
    O AfricaThe home of love and artYour beauty aglow on a fertile landBeautiful as the purple flush of dawnYour eyes like two twin stars shining in the skyThe birthplace of humanityThe cradle of life and ...
  • The Beauty Of Our Love

    Akinola Ayodeji
    6 months ago
    The beauty of everything was that we fell in love, We knew what what we wanted, Happiness! And it was in both our eyes, We know the path is similar! So we board thesame sail, And as each noon p ...
  • 17 Celebrities Bob Styles To Inspire Ladies’ Hairdo

    Adebimpe Owoseni
    6 months ago
    17 Celebrities Bob Styles To Inspire Ladies’ Hairdo Long hair-styles have been en vogue for centuries and women who adopt them as their go-to everyday looks enjoy the attention they get from ...


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