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  • Black Men Tale

    Ekene Daniel
    1 weeks ago
    Ezigbo Ezigbo!! His voice roared like thunder. That's not my name replied Ezigbo Coming out in this Levitical attire. A foreign culture, Mazi spate. You think your Forefathers' KULTURE is bar ...
  • Love In The Wrongest Place

    Frank Olunga Khange
    2 days ago
    Let me tell you a love story A Love story from worlds apart It is a love story made on the taita hills It blossomed at the indian ocean It is a forbidden love story A love that was never mean ...
  • Stranger Danger

    Comfort Onwe
    8 months ago
    Chapter 1 / Seat Number 37 " .... Now I hunt dividing your numbers. Watching from that dark place, cataloging your sins, I am the ghost of retribution. You may forget but you are not innocent..." &m ...
  • Chimsimdiri - An African Short Story

    Noble Cyril
    6 months ago
    CHIMSIMDIRI, an African short story by Noble Cyril Amaugo It is cock crow and here I am, sitting on my bed, my bamboo bed. Thoughts of how life has unfolded over time got me glued to this bed with ...

    Uduak Akpan
    11 months ago
    As I jog around along with the early morning wind of a Sunday, I refer back to my past life, mistakes, pain, gain, success, failure, disappointment and all. Looking at myself right now, I have alot t ...

    15 months ago
    HOME MADE COFFEE Angie burried her head under the pillow at the melody of 5.00am alarm. The dream she had was too splendind. She wanted to lie again,review it and wished that it would come true. "Qui ...
  • Life! With Habika... Ep 2

    Ani Splendour
    15 months ago
    EPISODE TWO Five days passed. Five days of absolute silence from Nathan’s apartment, and frantic scurrying from mine. You guessed it. Nathan abandoned the little darling with magnanimous me a ...
  • A Tale Of Love And Woes

    Abiodun Junaid
    15 months ago
    She likes to describe her husband as an artist, he paints her face and drew on her body, black and blue are his favorite colors he sometimes uses shades of purple, with upper cuts and lower cuts, a sh ...
  • Drum Of Curse

    Efeh Flora
    9 months ago
    No! no no no! you can't do this, please im begging you, what have I done wrong, ah please please please have mercy! please you ....don't do this to me please have... mer... cy!! ah my life is ruined.. ...
  • Life! With Habika

    Ani Splendour
    15 months ago
    I HATE KIDS! “What’s there not to hate? They’re messy and smelly and noisy and….” On and on droned Nathan, while hurriedly shuffling around the house, picking up files ...


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