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  • My Mother Or My Wife

    Chinomso Anyim
    21 hours ago
    MOTHER or WIFE Who deserves a man's preference? This is an age long question which women generally use to "throw a man under the bus" to know where his love and devotion lies. Men themselves are di ...
  • Love To A Fault. Aka My Suicide Note.

    Ritzy Opera
    2 days ago
    *LOVE TO A FAULT* (My suicide note.) I know that you won't see it this way, you will probably see me as a selfish, heartless girl but you don't understand. You never did. I know that this shouldn't ...
  • Respect Your Hustle For Inside Life

    Olabisi Ayomide
    2 days ago
    We fall for ground, we stand up back We commot tears for eyes, we still shine teeth We no dey mood, we dey mood We no fit waka, we fit waka We wound for body, we dey kampe We no wan talk, we fit ...
  • The Dining Table

    Joseph Francis Bassey
    THE DINING TABLE I am hopeful when the dining table is set. With plates,spoons,forks and cutleries all arranged. And when the food finally is served. All gather round the table,nicely and fully ...
  • Lockdown

    Cheeoma Bee-bian
    4 weeks ago
    Yesterday:Woke up in a pool of escalating laughterSat on tables scattered with white chinas;Mama did the dance of the victoriousAnd it seemed like we saw rainbows in the sky.Noah's ark must have been ...
  • Breathe

    Lady Hippie
    4 weeks ago
    Breathe. Don’t give up. Never lose hope. ...

    Raaina Aranmolate
    3 weeks ago
    "Get out!" Professor Bolu's booming voice jolts me back to reality. Even through the tears that's pooled at my eyes, I can see that the board is still blank. At least, there are no new writings fro ...
  • Let Me Breathe

    Ogonnaya Uche
    2 days ago
    Can I have a second to breathe? Can I even have some breath? Oh! I can't breathe! I wish I could breathe, But Chauvin - ism wouldn't let me breathe, Nor would the yoke to my neck I want to bre ...
  • Open Letter To My Lover

    Victoria B. Willie
    6 days ago
    Beloved, Let's make video calls with less data When distance keeps us locked away from each other Let's stay informed on global matters As the rain of this pandemic thrives in pitter-patters ...
  • My Pillow

    Okpa usang usang
    2 months ago
    My heart bleed endlessly My eyes weep Tears flow My chest soak with my own tears My pillows sing the songs of justice My blanket lull me to sleep My bed comfort me That night I know the beau ...


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