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  • Twisted (3)

    Joy Nwankwo
    1 hour ago
    Onyinye had taken too long to return and console her, and Eunice was afraid that she would drive herself mad with her pitiful state. She wished anyone would call to help her break the swift spiral mov ...
  • His Proposal

    Nana hauwa
    6 hours ago
    From the first moment I laid my eyes on you You were all I thought about even when I didn't want to With just a touch and a smile I turn into a thundering fool If this is a war and you are the spoi ...

    Emonbeifo Eseosa
    11 hours ago
    MR DEATH. He came and pulled him away, He dragged him on the floor like a criminal, with no mercy...... I just stood watching, as he dragged my beloved away, My hands were tied, I couldn't do a t ...

    Lynda Aniekwe
    10 hours ago
    THE NEGROS The Negros like we are being called (the blacks). We blacks are most feared, do you know why? This is the answer. During slave trade, one thing that they feared was the aspect of us NEGROS ...
  • Into The Badland

    Ajewumi kenny
    2 days ago
    * into the badland We colonized with our pride And buried our prejudice Our honor deprived The son of king Is nowhere to find. The mother and child Separated with each other We run to food ...
  • Love Story

    Ednah lagat
    2 days ago
    The day began as usual,waiting for his morning text,telling me sorry I slept off I was so tired.I can't lie I waited for a some hours. At exactly 2pm,he texted "how are you?How did you sleep ?I repli ...
  • Sex Saga

    Favour Patrick
    If I should count all the sex I've given my boyfriends all in the name of love and relationship, I would have made my sex transactional and have plenty Of money 😂😂 #thinkbig #sex, #fun #life ...
  • Depression Awareness

    Favour Patrick
    ⚠Some Depression symptoms⚠️ • Unable to imagine a happy future • Always want to be alone • Mood changes • Social withdrawal • Tiredness • Anxiety • Lack of ...
  • Let It Shine

    Tolulope Peter
    10 hours ago
    *LET IT SHINE* The time we are living in is of great asset, The season we dwell in is a great planet, Do not ever think your life is not accurate, Never loose faith in the immortal a ...

    Balogun Abdulbasit
    9 hours ago
    Don’t kill yourself Yes you! I’m talking to you It aint up to that I know your life might seem unworthy But suicide is not the answer It’s just a permanent solution to a tempora ...


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