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  • Open Letter To My Lover

    Victoria B. Willie
    2 days ago
    Beloved, Let's make video calls with less data When distance keeps us locked away from each other Let's stay informed on global matters As the rain of this pandemic thrives in pitter-patters ...
  • Lockdown

    Cheeoma Bee-bian
    4 weeks ago
    Yesterday:Woke up in a pool of escalating laughterSat on tables scattered with white chinas;Mama did the dance of the victoriousAnd it seemed like we saw rainbows in the sky.Noah's ark must have been ...

    Raaina Aranmolate
    2 weeks ago
    "Get out!" Professor Bolu's booming voice jolts me back to reality. Even through the tears that's pooled at my eyes, I can see that the board is still blank. At least, there are no new writings fro ...
  • Breathe

    Lady Hippie
    3 weeks ago
    Breathe. Don’t give up. Never lose hope. ...
  • The Imperial Body Guard ( Episode1)

    Israel Celestine
    1 weeks ago
    THE IMPERIAL BODYGUARD . . Writer ✍️ : Master IC. Israel . . Episode 1 . . In a continent called #The Embodied Continent ...., There are twelve kingdom there. one of those Kingdom include #Th ...
  • My Pillow

    Okpa usang usang
    2 months ago
    My heart bleed endlessly My eyes weep Tears flow My chest soak with my own tears My pillows sing the songs of justice My blanket lull me to sleep My bed comfort me That night I know the beau ...
  • Life

    Anyaene Chisom
    2 months ago
    Life is reality, not a dream wake up and grow or in slumber you waste all hands on deck,but don't be in a haste Hard work pays and always remember slow and steady wins the race Life is nature n ...
  • Prodigal Daughter

    Frank Olunga Khange
    2 weeks ago
    Prodigal Daughter It is true I am wholly, Call me prodigal daughter, Spiritual laughter. I am real nothing fake, No need to pretend for Christ sake, Thou shall not judge. Sorry I am not h ...
  • Little Bird

    Frank Olunga Khange
    2 weeks ago
    Little bird I want to send you, Send you to my beloved, Tell her I am dying to see her again, Little bird tell her my heart is in pain, Mentioned my sleepless nights, Tell her about my dreams, T ...
  • Her Village People

    Victoria B. Willie
    2 days ago
    Just when it was Ezinne's turn to go in for the job interview, something unthinkable happened. It was as though her village people were trying to remind her of the fact that they hadn't forgotten her. ...


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