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  • What You Need To Know Before Taking Up A Job

    George Nyaure
    2 months ago
    Before you apply for any job, you need to know how much reward you expect at the end of the work. Below are some of the few things that you should put into consideration before taking up any employmen ...
  • Rumors Of Insanity

    Ochonogor Ifeanyi Excel
    3 weeks ago
    In my country,Rumors of insanity scuttlesIn haste like an earnest cry Yet we’re falling for the auntiesOf this desolated insanityLike a difficult teardropThat prevents a dog from smelling exc ...

    Ibrahim Abdulateef
    2 months ago
    Today, I will dive in the ocean of your heart and stride thru' the depth of your love to eat the bounties entrusted on your laps. Today, I will dance in the rain, hand-in-hand and sashay in ...
  • How To Qualify For A Job In 2019

    George Nyaure
    2 months ago
    The year has just ended and we have started a new year. The festive is over and it has given another time to focus on very important things in this year. Do not give up if you did not get a good job i ...
  • The Gods Must Be Angry

    Akinlaja Ayoola
    3 weeks ago
    Which of your family members has attained half of what I've achieved in life? Who are you to stand up against me questioning my authority in my own house? If not for me in your life, would you have am ...
  • Trust

    Obilor oluebube Charles
    2 months ago
    Confiding a secret to an unworthy person is like pouring water in an empty basket. We all have a deep desire to want to trust someone. And that’s only human. We are created to share our feel ...
  • Waves

    Vanessa nwosu
    2 months ago
    Slowly in tides, time flows by in a rush like waves. We go through our days like people in the crowd with nothing but fake smiles and our hands in forced waves. We imprison our thoughts in our heads l ...
  • Thoughts

    Nneji Favour Tochukwu
    3 months ago
    Dear Diary, a day never goes by without me considering suicide. Yes, yes, it has gotten to that point. These two thoughts keeps tearing me apart, "no! no!! you don't have to do this" (first thought). ...
  • Reality We Failed To Realize

    2 months ago
    I'm plus one today A year older than I was last year The counting of the world It gives me no reality I'm minus one today The neglected fact Reality they failed to face The letter D in MR NIG ...
  • Twisted (1)

    Joy Nwankwo
    2 months ago
    Eunice rubbed her palm across her face to clear off the vestige of sleep so she could see clearly. The text which had just entered her phone woke her up from a sleep which was nowhere near enough. She ...


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