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  • Walls

    Joseph Ileme
    WALLS Was I crazy to put doors on my wall? Now I stand guard to make sure no one reaches in Behind these walls stands a coward so tall Isn't it shameful, how crazy I've been? Now there's a wo ...

    Nana Hauwa
    UP NEPA When will our government finally provide us with something as basic as good and stable electricity? When do we stop suffering in darkness, when do they realise that we deserve it, that it's ...
  • Tale Of Theresa

    Elfrida Ihwihwu
    3 days ago
    pA young girl of 17 waves excitedly at her not too happy parents. She is dressed in a black crop top and blue denim bum shorts exposing her fair legs that could get men aroused, to the public. As sh ...
  • His Sovereignty, My Surrender

    Elizabeth Oladapo
    Great one, you are clothed with honor and majesty. You cover yourself with light as a garment. You stretch out the heavens like a curtain. You who makes the clouds your chariots, you walk on the wi ...
  • Earth Bound

    Adesokan Abdulafeez
    4 days ago
    Have you ever lain on your back with no roof but the heavens above and gazed upon the sky to be mesmerised by the gathering of the cotton clouds. Sailing slowly silvery whites against the backdrop of ...
  • Memories Unforgotten

    Victoria B. Willie
    5 days ago
    To think that there was a time when I used to sit by daddy's feet watching TV programmes like Papa Ajasco, Super Story, This Life, Everyday People, Fuji House of commotion, etc., leaves me feeling nos ...
  • The World's Not Perfect

    Adesokan Abdulafeez
    2 weeks ago
    I’m 35 My kids are two and four. Be working till the weekends making sure we are not poor. Getting food down on the table thanking God we are alright. Though life is never easy we’ll b ...
  • A Lonely Coast

    Abasiakara Monday
    3 weeks ago
    Aiming at the bright sky at noon Catching memories of you and I Time cries because I won't see you soon I wish you were still here to make me feel alive The gloomy waters laughed at my predicame ...
  • Frataliities

    Dare Ojuoye
    3 weeks ago
    Fraterlities Once I knelt for wisdom my heart bent on my knees slept on sand, not for the bliss still fear smites the unclean it's heavy on me, the bling and chips spell it to me why I nee ...
  • Shut Up! Past

    Olatide Oluwadamilola
    6 days ago
    My past is calling My present is warning My future is worrying Why? My past cries out for my mistakes My present warns me for an escape My future waits, expecting to see how far I can handle bo ...


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