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  • Good Friends

    Chinomso Anyim
    2 weeks ago
    Friends come and friends go But good friends even when gone leave their foot prints on our paths of time. Good friends are those that can peep through the curtains of our heart and see the aches our ...
  • In-de-pen-dence 🇳🇬

    Obilor oluebube Charles
    3 weeks ago
    Octo-First In-de-pen-dence 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 Naija is Fifty-Nine Like teens ready to date When we live in hate Who would bring us in love Let's invite the saints for interventio ...

    Covenant Friday
    4 days ago
    CHAPTER 4 Immediately mum saw me she ran towards us and gave me a hug, I was not In the mood for any emotions now and I've already been traumatized by the previous act I had promised Miss Lizzy tha ...
  • Mixed Feelings

    vechi Allen
    2 weeks ago
    It gets to this point in our life where all we need is love; care just to feel alright. That feeling of we needing another to support us with their shoulder; to stand by us through thick and thin u ...
  • How Do I Begin This Story?

    Raphael Francis
    2 days ago
    Where does this story begin? Is it at the back of Saint Thomas's Chapel, where the sound of the wind, passing through the belfry plays musical notes, like when you blow softly over the mouth of a bot ...
  • Xenophobia

    Abasiakara Monday
    2 months ago
    I woke up painfully, when I discovered my radio.. Playing something else than the normal news It was a breaking news about killing on high ratio In a country, this same continent, I became mused ...
  • Dawn Comes

    Mukami kuria
    2 weeks ago
    Happy new month y'all😃 To be happy is all I want for this month. September was so harsh on me. It was stormy, it was rocky and it was dry. I was stressed, exhausted and lost. I don't want to say I ...
  • The Passing On Of Another Colossus, Elder Chibueze Monday Nwachukwu (1940-2019)

    Okechukwu Ukegbu
    6 days ago
    The passing on of another colossus( Elder Chibueze Monday Nwachukwu, 1940-2019) By Okechukwu Keshi Ukegbu On the 14th of November, 2019, another colossus who bestrode this space from 1940 to mid of ...
  • To My Bully

    Nana Hauwa
    3 days ago
    To my bully I want to tell you I'm not scared anymore, I don't wake up in cold sweats in the middle of the night anymore, those scars you gave me, I've learned to embrace them, thoughts of you don't ...

    6 days ago
    HUMANITY: REDEFINING THE FUTURE. Everything in this world was created for a purpose. And so humans created in the image and likeness of God was also for a purpose. But are we fulfilling the purpo ...


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