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  • Nkem

    Oko Agi Nuel
    6 days ago
    Nkem The fertile soil that feeds and houses the root of a tree I heard that your father is planning to cut me off your sweet soil In is words he said "I hate the holes in his chicks when he smiles" ...
  • Thoughts

    Nneji Favour Tochukwu
    6 days ago
    Dear Diary, a day never goes by without me considering suicide. Yes, yes, it has gotten to that point. These two thoughts keeps tearing me apart, "no! no!! you don't have to do this" (first thought). ...
  • Your Presence

    Tasnim Ismail
    6 days ago
    So close yet so far away, Evokes happiness as much as it does sadness, Eradicates my strong built wall, And immediately increases my level of cautiousness, Floods my mind with sweet memories, War ...
  • My Beginning

    Emediong Okon
    6 days ago
    Chapter One MIXED UP I've been depressed for a while and I've been set to win! Yes I look forward to that day when it will all be over. I'm Tee and life has been sweet haha! Tonight's heat has b ...
  • A Woman's Laughter

    ThankGod williams PoetLord
    The laughter of women sets fireto the Halls of Injusticeand the false evidence burnsto a beautiful white lightnessIt rattles the Chambers of Congressand forces the windows wide openso the fatuous spee ...

    Mr. Uduakobong Clement
    6 days ago
    Secret betrayal Episode 13 Wedding plans for Vera and Desmond kicked off and guess who would be the chief bride's maid- your guess is as good as mine. We went shopping and bought all the things ...

    Mr. Uduakobong Clement
    6 days ago
    Secret betrayal Episode 14 Saturday morning and in a matter of hours Vera would be married to Desmond and her status would change. She was so excited so much that she woke me up as early as 05:0 ...

    Mr. Uduakobong Clement
    6 days ago
    Secret betrayal Episode 15 The bride and chief were set before half past nine o'clock. We waited patiently for the car to arrive that would take us to church, just a fifteen minute drive from th ...
  • In My Diary

    Tracy Njeri
    6 days ago
    IN MY DIARY You'll always be in my diary Your love is fiery It's a mystery And not a misery You are my prey To God I pray For us to have our way For our feelings to say.. You'll always be To ...

    Wisdom Ahamefula
    When I stepped out, I sensed the world's eye "What's the stare all about?" Like I'm some wanted pie Total gaze and no restrains It made me feel I've impacted What haze! As though it rains Now ...


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