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  • Mama Siki

    Lawrence Ruth
    8 hours ago
    Mama Siki What's so pretty and heart warming as watching your child grow from childhood to adulthood? The beauty of motherhood,the joy it brings, the sweet noise babies make, watching them ...
  • Wojoro

    Lawrence Ruth
    10 hours ago
    Wojoro "Lord help me, if I get this girl, I'll teach her the lesson of her life" mama wojoro, a petite looking woman, in her mid fourties, who was visibly mad at her daughter, walked tireless ...
  • I've Heard Of People

    Emmiasky Ojex
    2 days ago
    I've heard of peopleI've heard a historyGone;Thrown away by its own people I've heard of AfricaA car so freeIt sheds its own skinTo cloth itself foreign I've heard of#balantain#GuineaBissauI've hear ...
  • Voices, Night & Blues (Day Twenty-two)

    Olabisi Akinwale
    14 hours ago
    Voices, Night & Blues Day 22 Anike if you see me searching for you in a sea of people it's because I'm a poet & you're my muse. without you I'm a castle of artless poems. © O ...
  • Voices, Night & Blues (Day Twenty One)

    Olabisi Akinwale
    Voices, Night & Blues Day 21 if you ask why you? i'll tell you I'm a song embedded in the mouth of wingless birds; -this song is a fireless butterfly -this song is a boy with stale voice ...
  • Everything Is Worth The Fight

    Imekan Udohaya
    4 days ago
    It’s easy to have FAITH everything is going to work out, when everything IS working out.It’s much harder to have faith when you are facing challenges in your life. But that is exactly when ...
  • Mama Just Wanked

    Victoria B. Willie
    14 hours ago
    As he walked out of the bathroom, I smiled, hoping he would see that I was beckoning to him to come. For a second, his eyes pierced into my lingerie but he shook his head almost immediately and wal ...
  • Hor-lar-mide

    Ochonogor Ifeanyi Excel
    6 days ago
    So swifty as doth a hummingbird Life hanging on a tiny thread line Celebrated in joy and harmony Daily we live on tiny line called 'Tomorrow' And today, you're celebrated How do we count the st ...
  • Voices, Night & Blues (Day Twenty)

    Olabisi Akinwale
    2 days ago
    Voices, Night & Blues Day 20 sometimes i'll be the music on the tongue of the storm, the wind would ferry my faults to your eyes & attempt filling your heart with debris of my imperfec ...
  • The Loveless Night

    Adesokan Abdulafeez
    3 days ago
    CHAPTER 1: LOVELESS CHAPTER 1: LOVELESS Sandy was pretending with her book again. Staying late in the ICT lab, long after classes have ended. While the entire school was out partying, dining and dri ...


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