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    If you rub your palms together, quickly and repeatedly so, you will feel the exact heat I feel in-between my legs right now. I clamp them tightly shut. I am sitting on the floor with my back resting o ...
  • Savings Account Might Be A Liability

    Future Ahiate
    3 days ago
    You cannot acquire financial freedom by habitually depositing MONEY into a Savings account. The rich get richer because they recycle their money by leveraging on good Investments. ...
  • Ten Commandments Of Possibility Thinking

    Future Ahiate
    3 days ago
    Possibility thinking is the management of ideas. 1. Never reject a possibility because you see something wrong with it! 2. Never reject a possibility because you won't get the credit! 3. Never reje ...
  • To Blind Love

    Ogonna Divine
    5 days ago
    To blind love. You now believe love is blind -at least to you. It hurts as it ignores. The ignited feeling is nothing more than a dwindling light. The sparking stars, a projection of a fading da ...
  • Wanted

    Ogonna Divine
    2 weeks ago
    CHAPTER TWO "Can I come in?" Michael said after a brief knock on the door and entering into the office. "You are in already so no need asking". Wendy replied still concentrating on the pictures ...
  • Farmers Are Strong,tough ,thick And Wicked

    Victor agbo
    3 weeks ago
    FARMERS ARE STRONG, TOUGH, THICK AND WICKED. The aphorism " farmers are strong, tough , thick and wicked " doesn't just regulate their lives but also reflects on what they face on daily ,their valu ...
  • Zozo's Chronicles (My First Kiss!)

    Ikoyo Providence Oghenemarho
    4 weeks ago
    I was just standing quietly at the road waiting for Ozo to come meet me up as he promised. It was getting late but then I was willing to wait. I loved him and he was everything I ever wanted in a boyf ...
  • Misfortune

    Tobi Shotayo
    2 weeks ago
    Misfortune Sudden and unexpected She makes her arrival; deriving pleasure From the pain she causes She finds the perfect time When everything is fine And then she strikes But never alone, wit ...

    Basit AJIBADE
    3 weeks ago
    Lush green leaves, Deep green stems, Varying browns trunks, Robust Ìrókò of the South, Massive Baobab from the North, Which of his blessing will man deny? For God so love ...
  • Street Jargons

    Victor agbo
    3 weeks ago
    I have been using street jargons to teach and pray for our youths . There's a Proverbs that says giving a monkey cup of coffee isn't the problem but how to collect it. Oya make I defrag a little . ...


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