Deep Scars

By Ruth:

Deep Scar

“ You bastered, you evil spoilt child, what were you doing with your dad?!” An angry Mrs. Daura Smith yelled at her fifteen year old child.

“ He forced me” the young girl prattled.

“ Shut your mouth up. Why didn’t you tell me, you little prostitute?”

“ He threatened to kill me” little Orla muttered with hot tears pouring down her little cheeks.

She felt so sorry for herself and hated the fact she allowed fear take a better part of her. She knew for long that what her father Mr. Smith was doing to her was extremely wrong but who could she meet and confide in?.

She was scared of her dad killing her and she was also scared of her strict and mean mum yelling at her for being so stupid.

She had no friend to confide in, the child abuse she had been experiencing from her dad and some elderly men from neighborhood had made her an introvert which wasn’t the true her.

She would sit quietly at class, she wouldn’t speak to anyone not to her teachers. Everyone was her enemy especially the guys.

She had felt talking to anyone would simply put her to trouble. First, she felt insecured,

Then once she had wondered “ what if I tell anyone my secret, won’t they use it against me someday or laugh at me?” she felt so unhappy and lived for fifteen years with a deep scar deep down her heart until the fateful day that her mother caught her dad and her in action.

Though she wasn’t enjoying the act. It was written all over her face except for her cruel hypersexual dad who seem to be having the best time of his life with his very own blood. The sudden creak from the door got him jumping out from bed.

After scolding her daughter who walked out briskly in shame she turned to face her husband.

“ You beast! What did you think you’ve been doing with your own blood?” Mrs. Daura sputtered in furry.

“ Calm down I can explain” her husband tried to calm her down while holding his shots tight, he was half naked, one grip at his shot and he would be completely nude.
“ What do you think, you’re going to explain, you Satyriasis” She raved.

Smith tried to get closer to her but in a rage she grabbed the bottle close to her and broke his head, she made sure she hitn him twice before running out to her room, grabbed her bag, tuck in some of her clothes from her wardrobe, took her car key and made her way to the garage.


She’s travelling out of town, she don’t care if her husband is dead or not.
“ that cheat deserves it” she muttered under her breath.

“ I can’t believe this” she said more to herself while driving. She knew Smith, her husband, was hypersexual before tying the knot with him.
She thought she could help him get rid of that disorder, never had she believed he would do such a thing to their only child and daughter, wasn’t she enough for him?

She wondered for how long he had been doing such an act with their daughter.

“ that man is worst than a slut” she sighed. Never again had anyone seen her after the incidence.

Orla had walked into the room late in the evening. Seeing her father in the condition he was, she knew at once it was her mother’s hand work.

Wondering whether to help him or not, she looked at him in disgust then sighed.

“ he deserves more than that, die if he wants to”

kicking his legs aside, she rushed into his room, searched every where for any cash she could get, she did same in her mums’ room, lucky for her by the time she was through she had a huge amount of money with her.

She took her fathers’ ATM card, got herself arranged, packed her best clothes, and looking at her dad before leaving she knew one thing for sure

“ that the old man is dead”. She opened the door and ran out.

Eight years later, Orla was seen at Ukutas junction, were the famous prostitute and nymphomaniacs are known to stay while waiting for their client to come pick them up for a hot night business, which they’re being paid for.

Prostitution was Orlas new but undesired job. She met the wrong friends who had squandered her money and had advised her into joining prostitution.

They believed her dad did a good thing introducing her into sex earlier.

“ look girl, the business is cool and easy, you have your fun and enjoy, treat your client well and you get paid well. Some people are making it from this business it’s all up to you.” One of her friend Kattrine adviced her.
Without much choice and unwillingly she joined the group in the night business.

Five years into the business, Orla wasn’t finding it funny. She felt so used and cheap. She felt her woman hood has been abused and she’s just nothing.


She thought of giving up the business and start life new but where could she start from. She knows no one and more over people around there especially the men have tagged her “ a prostitute” so where ever she’d go to, she’s seen as the cheep jobless girl.

What could she do but wait for the right time she felt she could leave the town.

However an ugly experience with an alhaji man had got her mad and the thoughts of cutting the business got heighten.

Once an alhaji man told her to perform a sexual style which she found crazy because she wasn’t a professional prostitute she was just doing what she was doing because she needed to save some money and live town to start life a new.

“ Sir, am sorry , I can’t do that” she muttered.

“ Mai” the alhaji gibbered licking his lips “ a beautiful girl like you can’t do that. I will pay you well just satisfier me first”

“ Am sorry sir, I can’t do that”

Orla stood her grounds, after few talk with the alhaji she wore her clothes and took her bag to leave.

She got to the door and tried to open it but couldn’t , she found out it was locked. Turning to face the Alhaji who looked at her with a mischievous smile and said.

“ satisfied me first, then get the key and your money”

“ I said I can’t do what you want, let me go!” Orla yelled.

“ There’s no need shouting, it’s just the two of us” the old alhaji man gibbered getting close to Orla each minute.

With fear Orla let out a loud yell but that didn’t help next she felt a hard, firm grip round her waist, it was the alhaji.

She struggled hard with him but he was stronger than she was. He did the unimaginable to her and by the time he was done she was bleeding.

Of course she knew she wasn’t a virgin right from childhood she knew something was wrong that was why she was bleeding.

She washed herself got dressed up and left.

She refused the huge sum of money the alhaji had given her. She swore after that experience never to prostitute again. But a month later But a month later she found herself doing what she swore never to do again

Orla had been on a business she had to do even if she doesn’t want to. She hated herself for that and once she had tried taking her life but just to have one thing stopping her from doing so.

On a bright sunny day. Orla had gone to the shop rite to get a new cream for herself on her way out she met a young gentle man whom she mistakenly quacked.


After apologizing she took her basket to leave but not until the young man took her number.

Reluctantly she gave it to him. They exchanged contacts.

The young man, Kennedy, had a sleepless night thinking of her, he had called her several times but Orlas wouldn’t pick his call.

Once Orla had picked his call, he plead if they could meet, reluctantly Orla agreed giving him the place where they could see.

“ Am interested in you, what do you think?” Kennedy once told Orla during one of their frequent outing.

“ interested in me, How?” a perplexed looking Orla asked

“ Will you be my wife?” Kennedy asked with a throbbing heart.

Orla laughed hard and thought he was crazy. Who would like to marry a prostitute like her. She laughed then looked straight into Kennedy’s eyes.

“ You don’t know what you’re asking me of Kennedy. I’ve told you what I do for a living and my background. I guess you don’t want to ruin yourself getting marry to a prostitute” Orla muttered sadly.

“ I know but I just want you, will you be my bride?” Kennedy asked again but Orla only stared at him perplexed.

A year later Kenny and Orla got married but eight years in to their marriage they were childless. After a sleepless night, Orla took a decision she would undertake on her own. The next morning, she wrote a later.

“ I love you Kennedy but please go find someone else who loves you more than I do who can give you kids too”.

she dropped the piece of paper on the dining table and took her dress to leave.

She had sworn while going back to her old life to deal with all the men that had ruined her womb and life including the men she hadn’t met but who are hypersexua.

But first she said “ Am starting off with those witches, it’s pay back time” she said going to meet her old girl friends.

One after the other she got rid of them, including those that were married to the singles. Some she poisoned, others she lured.

For the men who ruined her life right from childhood she did same to them. Coming to them as prostitute she poisoned each and every one of them after satisfying them.

She made sure she attend their funeral to be sure they don’t exist again.

After accomplishing her mission she took her life. But not until she passed a message to the world.

To whom ever reading this
she wrote.

“ You don’t marry your spouse thinking you can change him or her later, just like my mum did and Kennedy did marrying me. Know your spouse.


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