Dearest Queen E-Star and More

By Lugard John Taylor:

Dearest Queen and more
Just wanna let you know
That in you I found so sweet a lady
Who shares in my dreams
Who believes in me
Who would carry not just our kids
Whom my secrets will no longer be a secret with
Whose heart ♥ I own and occupy
Who have chosen me over and above millions to follow my leads
In you I found love, in your eyes I see my future
I have faith in what I see
Just continue to be my lady and I will be your man forever
Remember, our dreams are big but together we will achieve
Now and always, let me be a shoulder for you to lean on
Let your ears pick the faintest of my heartbeat
Let me be your fantasy
Angelic you are!
Though irresistible but we have chosen to remain chaste!
Cheers to love stories yet untold
Our love will bring many to light
Love you to the very end, I give you my word!

Lugard John Taylor
Lugard John Taylor


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