Common Little Mistakes Women Make.

By Ruth:

Common Little Mistakes Women Make

In search for a perfect lifestyles and a healthy well being women or ladies can go so far in their quest for their desires. Women unlike men have a fragile soft and delicates parts, hence we try all we can to keep ourselves save and sound but in the course of obtaining the best for ourselves we make little or more mistakes which pose a great risks and dangers to our health. Here are some of the common mistakes ladies make which I will be discussing.

• Use of Lasers and bleaching product on pubic area

• Everyday use of antibiotics and tube creams on the pubic area

• Prolong use of sanitary pads.


The use of Lasers and bleaching creams on the pubic area (or Vulva).

The use of lasers and bleaching creams to change the colour or complexion of the pubic area or vulva ( the external opening of the vagina) seems to be latest and trending thing in town for most women with dark vulva. Having been fed with the false assumption that a vulva should be like that of a new born, in the absence of melanin is sexually attractive”. Cultural pressure too, believes , thoughts and ignorance has made some ladies think there’s something wrong with their vulva hence they undergo several procedures which could risk their health just to get that perfect vulva.

However gynecologist, obstetricians and even expert on womens health are seriously warning women against bleaching their vulva. They’ve warn that their act could lead to some effects which include

• Inflammation of the vulva

• Thrush or vaginosis of the vagina

• Destruction of the delicate part of the vagina and vulva

• Destruction of the balance of the good bacteria in the vagina.


If probably you’ve bleached your pubic area and you’re noticing some side effect it’s adviceable you meet your doctor or a gynecologist for some advice or treatment.


Everyday Use Of Antibiotics and tube Creams.

Antibiotics are used to kill off harmful bacterial in the human system or body but these antibiotics if not used under control can destroy useful bacterial in the body ( especially in the pubic are) which can lead to yeast infection. A type of bacterial called Lactobacillus keeps the vagina slightly acidic. The slightly acidic environment keeps the yeast ( which is within the vagina) growing under control. The pubic area ( or vagina ) maintain their own balanced mix of yeast and bacteria. But an everyday use of antibiotics such as penicillin, keflex, ciprofloxa can cause harsh reaction to your pubic area or vagina.

How To Stay Safe

Wash your public area ( vagina) with just a clean warm water.

Avoid an everyday use of antibiotics.

Drink enough water.

Don’t repeat under wears or pants.

Avoid the use of dirty toilets and bathrooms.

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