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Pleas guys, don’t be angry about this. I found out that I made a huge mistake when I was writing chapter thirteen of ‘HIS SON’. It wasn’t Lucille I wanted to write but TRICIA. Tricia MacKenny. I was really tired when I was typing that part, until I realized I’d made the mistake. So, I’m going to correct it now and post the chapter again. I apologize for any inconveniences made… and confusion. So sorry 😥😥

Lucille ✍

The officer isn’t really who he says he is-I couldn’t believe it. He’s fooled everyone and made them believe he has got his team working on this case. I shook my head and left to warn Mom. Poor Mom. Whatever she’d do if she knew she had let in the wrong man.
I remembered the smile he wore, and how delighted he was walking out of our house. Mom had just let in an enemy without knowing. I have to warn her! I panicked and moved away from the window, scared to think what might happen if he saw me.
Rushing out the door, I ran breathlessly down the stairs, finding Mom seated on the couch, as a sigh possessed my lips; my heart relaxing at the same time.
What’s wrong, baby? Mom looked at me with her eyebrows arched in a way that showed my behaviour had gotten her worried.
I wanted her not to worry, but I needed her to know about the strange cop.

Mrs MacKenny 👩

Lucille was acting strange. I needed to know what was it she wanted to say. I waited not for her to come to me, but stood up instead, with arms open wide and ready to receive…
I sat her down and requested that a paper be placed on her laps, with a pen positioned in her hand, as she wrote, the fear in her eyes not hidden.
WE HAVE AN INTRUDER, I read with eyes wide open. HE IS HERE.
The atmosphere grew hot-my insides alongside.
“An intruder?” I read again, looking at my daughter. “Cheryl, call the police!” I ordered immediately; feet itching to be up again, as Lucille grabbed my hand.
“What’s it, baby?”
She wrote on the paper again: YOU MUSTN’T!
My lips pursed together as my nose scrunched up. Lucille must be playing with me right now. What has gotten into her? I tried not to show how angry I was.
An idea struck my mind right there, and I took the paper from Lucille and wrote something down, as she watched, then shook her head.
She hasn’t seen anyone. How come she’s-a knock interrupted- a faint call alerting us.
“Cheryl, get the door!” I panicked on hearing my husband groan outside, as countless thoughts flooded my mind, causing hot sweat to flow.
“Ma’am!” Cheryl screamed as I stood seeing my husband; my very own husband covered in blood.
I felt vibrations all over me as something went through me.
“Wh-what happened?” I blinked to be sure of where I was.
“You went into a daze, ma’am,” my housekeeper replied. “Your daughter’s been here ever since.”
The thought of my daughters losing their father sent shivers through me.
“Cheryl, get my phone. Get my phone… now!” I shook terribly as though I’d just seen a ghost.
Cheryl brought my phone and I dialled Derek’s number. He wasn’t answering, leaving me worried—but I didn’t stop trying. I searched my mind for where his phone could be, and I tried to calm myself, with the hope that he’d pick up. I dialled his number again, almost wanting to stop, as his voice came in.
“Sorry hon. I was driving,”
I had no reason to be mad, thanking God that my husband was safe.
“It’s fine. Will you be coming home soon?”
His voice rang at the other end. “Yeah!”
I took a glance at my watch and realized it was evening already.
“Do come back soon, okay? Can’t wait to tell you all about what we talked with the police—”
A very loud screeching noise interrupted at that minute.
“What was that?”
“I don’t know. I-I…”
“Are you on the wheel? Thought you said ‘was’?” I placed one hand on my waist and got ready to scold.
“Um, h-hon. I-I’ll call you back later,” he said.
“Oh, don’t you dare hang up on-“
The line went dead.
Now my worry juice was starting to overflow, and fear was gradually taking over.
Take a deep breath, Linda. Your husband is doing fine wherever he is.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~

A boy had almost been hit. Did he not see me coming? I came down from my car and moved in his direction. “Hey Kid!”
“I-I’m so sorry, Sir. I’m so sorry.” he apologized calmly.
He looked right about Anita’s age from my observation, and was a good-looking fellow.
Accepting his apology, I walked back to the car, almost getting in, as a heavy metal landed on my head.


“Derek… Derek-“
Tricia’s voice echoed sorrowfully as she held her husband’s hand with her other hand rubbing his head.
“I advise you stay here, ma’am. I can assure you that your husband’s going to be fine,” one of the nurses tried to put at ease.
How was Tricia ever going to feel at ease when her husband was in a critical condition?
“B-but my husband needs me, Nurse. Derek!” she cried watching the door of the emergency room get closed.
“Mum? Mum, what happened?!” Anita called in such panic state, rushing towards her.
Mrs MacKenny couldn’t talk but hug her daughter, as they both cried, having no one to console them.
Mum. Mum, please stop crying. Daddy will be fine.” Anita managed to say amidst tears.
Anita’s boyfriend stood inches away watching with pain in his heart. He found no courage to speak, but wept secretly with fists clenched.


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