"Wounded Fantasies". By Val Naya

By Valentina Ifunanya 6 months ago

Make me feel your undying love.

As I devote my whole to your incessant penetration.

Caught up in randy hysteria; I won't solve.

Screaming your name to the ears of many nations.


The sudden attack of unexplainable pleasure.

Leaves me shuddering; do I bother!

A treat to my well-desired leisure.

Clutching onto utmost virility; do sink further!


Make each stroke faster and deeper.

The heat of passion engraved in my memory.

Your voice enthralls my soul; as though a piper.

Torturing, grinding hard with your morning glory.


 Oh, I beg not to be interrupted, sweet roses!

Alas! Eyes flickering, I've got a stifled wounded fantasy! 

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