By Mukami kuria 6 months ago

I'm happy for you.

Are you happy? Happy that I got someone else to love me.

First, tell me, how are you? I meant what happened to us?

Could I have loved you any more? More than I loved you every day since the day you invaded my life? The day I stopped living for myself and began living for you.

I am supposed to be happy. I am supposed to be loving him, for he loves me. Then you come along and I wanna drop everything and run to you. It's not fair, you don't get to do that. 

You had me, all of me and I chose you. I kept choosing you but you couldn't choose me. You were always looking over me when I was always there hoping you'd choose me.

This was my story because I was the one doing the loving. I deserve the love I give and that is why I'll tell this story. Give away the piece of you I've held on for so long and maybe I'll be able to love him as I loved you.

I got to admit, it still continues like it was supposed to be in my dreams, you choose me, you decide to try with me and it's beautiful and it's true , complete and enough.


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