By Aniekan Andikan 15 months ago

If you had a wife like mine, you probably would not be able to leave the house even for a minute each day. She's the most fun-filled lady I've ever come in contact with and mind you, I've been around the world, seen a lot of women but none could be compared. I loved being with her not just because she was remarkably beautiful but because she was just too complete that I sometimes wondered if she was really a human being or a heaven sent goddess.

The highest point of my day was always when I returned from work and my lowest point was always in the morning, when I had to leave for work. It’s ironic that even though I hated going to work because of her, she’s the reason why I work so hard.

I was feeling very high in my spirits yesterday being a Friday when I was returning from work. I was happy that I had to leave early and thank God it's Friday, I won't have to leave my wife for a couple of days. I wondered what she got planned out for the weekend, she always had something exciting planned for weekends and holidays.

I couldn't wait to find out. Behind the wheel, cruising through traffic, I was steadily humming happy tunes. I branched a supermarket to buy the red rose flowers she loves and a bottle of wine before I continued my journey home. We lived in a conservative residential area. Our house was close to the roadside so we usually parked our cars by the roadside. 

As I entered the house, an idea struck. I dropped the flowers I bought for her on the dinning table, I removed my shoes, wine in hand I tiptoed to the kitchen, no one. I tiptoed to the back of the building, no one.

She must be in the other room. I tiptoed towards our bedroom, I was going to surprise her with an unannounced appearance and then give her the bottle of wine. She will be ecstatic! I beamed brightly as I opened our bedroom door slowly without a sound and got in like a thief. What I saw next made my smile freeze and the blood in my whole body dried up as I stood there motionless for some seconds. My wife was under some young guy making sounds I've never heard her make before. The bottle of wine I bought, her favorite wine left my hand and shattered on the floor.

That's when they became aware that they had company. The young man ejected himself with speed and stood up from the bed and my wife sat up abruptly and started arranging herself.

I looked at her, she was not the sweet, fun lady I knew. She couldn't even look at me. The young man knelt down.

"Please sir I'm so sorry" He begged.

"I think you should go" I told him in a voice that sounded strange to me. 

He beat it. My wife started crying. I did not say anything to her. I was too broken to. I've never seen her sad not to talk of crying before. It broke my heart even more to see her in that mood. I couldn't bear it so I left her in the room. I went and sat in the sitting room. My heart was heavy like I lost someone, my head was busy like I was solving money equation. 

There were so many actions to take but first, there were so many questions that needed answers. Does she not love me no more? Was it just a mistake? Was I not giving her enough attention? Depending on the answers I got from these questions, I will decide whether to forgive her or not.

I was still deliberating on the matter when I slept off in the sitting room. I woke up early in the morning ready to confront my wife so I can ask her why. I walked tiredly with my back aching terribly towards the room, opened the door and barged in to find my wife lying on the floor in her own pool of blood, a big shard from the wine bottle sticking out from her belly. 

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