"Why Do U Have To Delay It"!

By Adeyemo Eyitayo 4 months ago

Hey guys, I'm just going to shed light on a very delicate topic and also a problem that teenagers and youth do not bother about, which is affecting the development of our lives as well as the society"PROCASTINATION".

The social issued term simply refers to the act of delaying or deferring an action to a later time. This has become one of the basic problems faced by many students today who are distracted by fun and entertainment and are unable to focus on the important things. 

One thing we should all understand is that there is time for everything we do, we all have limited time. Not everyone is going to live 969 years like Methuselah...lol... So why delay your achievements?

While we're growing up,  this is the best time to create opportunities for ourselves to make the best out of ourselves, so that we can enjoy the latter times. Haven't you heard about the proverb that states — "A stitch in time saves nine?" Think about it. 

We are all going to have fun, relax... But why not take time to utilize your time well now instead of delaying your future?. Read your books at the appropriate times, it will help you during your exams and revise so that your brain doesn't get too jam-packed. 

So many teens out there have great talents but are distracted by what is in vogue and don't want to focus on their dreams. If u have the talent of singing, start rehearsals! create a band for yourself, register for music concerts, create a page online where you post your music videos and then boom! You are recognized.

It's high time we built our dreams now, don't delay it by procrastinating. It's not too bad to start making legal money as teenagers and youths... Let's change the revolution of our generation, we don't want people to call us "lazy," we can become CEOs at age 18.. trust me that will be really awesome.

Don't be too worried if you do procrastinate because below are some of the tips to help you overcome it. 

* Fight laziness! 

* Be determined 

* Stay Focused

* Work very hard

* Take breaks when necessary... You don't have to be a workaholic... It could affect your health and brain.

* Be consistent 

* Be a good investor 

* Train others

* Don't forget to maintain a good status quo 

* And you are good to go

Let's dump procrastination into the waste bin! Lol...

I Hope this has motivated and inspired us. Don't relent and you will get success. 

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