By Samuel Anjolaoluwa 6 months ago

Is it my fault that I'm a girl

Is it wrong to be a girl child

Why does everyone make female children feel like they are less important

Why must there be preferential treatment

Even parents treat male children more special

Every morning the male children are allowed to go to school

But where are the girls

They are Left at home

All in the name of ending up in the kitchen no matter her level of education

They feel female children are weak

But little do they know

Is it the pain we go through every month

Or the children and the house we take care of

This is more work than any man will do

Some men will even get back from work not minding what his wife has gone through

He will still ask for sex

And she has no choice but to succumb

Female children should be given equal treatment as the male children

They are as important



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