Where We Are From

By Adesina Abiola 19 months ago

Where we are from


Let the truth be spit,

we are not from where gold grows in our backyard.


where we are from-

is where our fathers had lied to us 

they preach that they the sky is our starting point 

but the sky is a no reach for us 

the only way to reach the sky is -

tying a Rock-earth to out feet

the more we aim to fly

the faster we are down.



where we are from

when a boy has a dream,

his mother shouts 'Drill-him'

a boy doesn't dream

a boy is a doppelganger of his father

he lives for the dream of his father.



where we are from

a beauty is not entitled to her father's lots

she's a slave to the household,

she's sold of at a dowry price

one goat,

one schnapps for the ancestor

and the bride dirge as a reward for her service

then she is off to serve another household.


where we are from

a child doesn't tell his mother-

'you don't do it this way'

if the words are muttered

our mother becomes the god of wrath

she'd tell you 'do you give birth to me or I gave birth to you?'

where we are from 

a child doesn't tell his mother "you are wrong". 


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