When The Rain Starts

By Victor agbo 2 months ago

When it starts, don't say it is heavy,

When it rains heavily, don't say it's too much

When its stroke is much, don't say it pains 

When it comes in your painful memories

Don't blame the rain.


The rain that starts in the south;

What of the East?

O! I have rained in the east.

What of the North?

Atlas! How can I come to the south?

Without passing north!

What of the West? 

That's where I am going to after leaving the south.

Never judge me, O! People

Just pray that you will meet me.



When the rain starts, you will see my umbrella

When the rain starts, I will see your containers

When the rain starts, we will see all windows shut.


@ Victor Agbo 

July (autumn)


# Don't say what you don't know

# Judge wisely 

# pOET 



# Think # RAIN contextual


Moral lessons: he that comes for equity should come with pure heart and holy hands.



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