When A Girl's In Love.

By Lawrence Ruth 17 months ago

The sky was bright and the sun was glowing.

The pretty coloumbus glittering in it's far distance 

While the birds chirped on the trees from the heat of the sun.

"Can't he show some admiration?"

"Didn't he see my cute dress and my hair style?"


"May!" I yelled out

"What love?" He got startled

"I'm leaving, so you can have much time for your books"

"Oh, thanks love" he said " Am having an exam tomorrow"

"What" I whispered more to myself

"You must be crazy for calling me out" I banged the door out.


"A man only acts that way, if he doesn't love you" A friend of mine once said.

But I don't care.

"Every night I think of him, does he knows that?"

"Eight times we've broken, eight times we've reconciled" 

This should be the ninth time but.....

May's right. The best thing to do was to wait till the right time 

But you can't blame me,

Because when a girl's in love

She can do anything for her man.

So am a girl in love.

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