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It’s a new day and you do not want to start up the day with negative thoughts or unfulfilling attitudes

Here is what I’ve got to say as we start the day this 2019 and you should put these into fruitful action:

1.     People have equal value but not equal giftedness: Some people seem to be blessed with a multitude of talents while most of us have fewer abilities; but the truth remains that we all have something that we are the best at, this area is called the strength zone and I encourage everyone to find it and make the most of it.

2.     People tend to develop the talent they want rather than that which they possess: Most people tend to work on their weakness rather than working and striving hard to perfect their strength. Who will be more successful, the person who relies on his talent or the one who realizes his talent and develops it, the answer is obvious enough then why do we all spend most of our time trying to work on our weakness when we can be excellent in our strength?

3.     People should be aware that the key choice you make apart from the natural talent you already have will set you apart from other people who possess the talent alone. In other words, hard work plays a major role in succeeding you can’t just sit down believing you’ve got talent and expect success to come your way. You got to work, and strive hard to become really successful.

I have however been able to come up with thirteen key choices that can maximize any one’s success:

1.     Initiative activates your success: Sit, think and come up with the best way in exploring your talent maximally.

2.     Belief lifts your success: If you trust your instincts with or without anyone’s criticism your talent becomes a huge success.

3.     Passion energizes your success: Whatever a person is passionate about, he strives for, and this is also applicable to success.

4.     Preparation positions your success: Be overly prepared for the good or worse that can arise so nothing comes unaware.

5.     Practice sharpens your success: Continuity brings life and non-extinction of success, practice makes perfect.

6.     Focus directs your success: Concentration yields best result no matter the amount or quality of time spent.

7.     Perseverance sustains your talents: Long-suffering is not everlasting suffering, being a failure once doesn’t make you a failure forever it makes you a better person in readiness for success.

8.     Courage tests your success: Never be discourage because of bad results, falling and standing up again makes success even more enjoyable.

9.     Character protects your success: Do not be overwhelmed by your success and feel overrated. As much as you are successful keep a good character alongside your success.

10.  Teachability expands your success: Be an inspiration to others, share your ideas and knowledge and you’ll never be short of even more ideas and better knowledge for further success.

11.  Responsibility strengthens your success: Do not be found wanting in what you do best, Be accountable for every step and methods of successfulness. Be the best at what you do and never be naïve about it. Negligence can mar your success.

12.  Relationships influence your success: Be around people that believe in you, people with high level of positivity and people that will encourage you to succeed even further.

13.  Teamwork multiplies your success: Learn to work with people, two heads are always better than one no matter how unreasonable the heads can be, togetherness brings successfulness.

 With these few keys, I hope you can be courageous enough to stand up to make the best use of what you have and become the successful individual you were born to be. Believe, take it and achieve it!

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