We Define Our Names

By Adebimpe Owoseni (adebimpepenultimate) 17 months ago

I met a rich fellow named Phillip ; also met a peasant named Phillip. 


Diamonds glitters,

And so do rubies ,

Snow fall in winter ;

And flowers bloom in spring .


Green are brown in summer,

And dead leaves falls in Fall,

Dim are the eyes of granite ;

And are invisible by night.


But if granite be renamed diamond ,

Will it still glitter ?

Or will lilies still be green in summer,

If summer is renamed spring ?


Can dead leaves in winter fall ,

If winter barters its name with Fall? 

Or can snow fall in Fall,

If renamed winter ?


Pleasant are roses ,

And thorns poke ,

But if thorns are renamed roses,

Will their odor be pleasant too ?H


Hoe is a tool

A farmer uses to till the soil ,

A scepter ; a king's tool

That aids him toil

His kingdom .


Can a scepter till the soil,

If renamed a hoe? 

Or can hoe be a king's tool

If renamed a scepter ?


Desert can never be rivers ,

Neither shall rivers be desert,

The sun can never shine by night,

Nor the moon by day ;

Though their names are interchange ,

But  still they are not the same .


An architect is no poet

A poet is no architect ,

Call me names you may ,

I am still just a poet .


A name is just a name,

A name bears no shame.

The shame bears the name,

A name carries no blame .


I met a rich fellow named phillip 

Also  met a peasant named Phillip.



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