We All Will Die Someday!

By Obilor oluebube Charles 2 months ago


Yes!……We all gonna die!!

That is true and this is the most escaping truth of life. Our close ones are not gonna be forever, as we are growing  young, they are getting older.

Had we had time to notice , those passing wrinkles on her face, Lest it was too late, If it went too late. Had we more time, or more priority to see his hands and the dark circles that are growing darker as this time passes. 
We cry for all big success and small failure but when we were kid all these were just another thing ? Isn’t it?  We fail to realize always, though we know somewhere that ” all work we do, all hard work we put together is not just for money. We all want to be recognized and valued and of course- LOVED! 
 But what love, whose love ?  
There is nothing like true/false love, we tend to love sometime, fall for someone and that period of time was ours (mine and his) Just like time is passing, changes are inevitable, but love never does. How unlucky is human, until too late to understand the nature of love and value, but falls for material love.

One thing i know in this life is that no one will live forever and the person you see this minute can die the very next minute, maybe seeing someone close and also losing someone very close.

A young man who served in my parish as a seminarian and was later ordained barely 40 days ago but was confirmed dead few days ago. He was involved in a Car Accident! What will be the fate of his family at home, friends and colleagues?

God giveth and God taketh (Job 1:21)
The young priest has gone to be with his Creator, the creator of Life and Death!

To err is human…


To love is humane!!!


Never forget to show generosity, to love, to forgive. Yes! I am , I am grown enough to tell you this. The World maybe cruel but it is paradise.


Life might seem too problematic, all problem may seem too permanent but when our life is “temporary” definitely is our problems.








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