By Sangowawa moyo 15 months ago


Running we were,

Shouting, yes we did,

We almost lost our breath,

Gasp for air,

Wounded in the process

All this we didn't feel

We thought it was a hunting game

But it was war.


As we ran, bodies laid lifeless,

We reduced in number,

Safety was far from home,

Momma was out of home,

Peace scampered,

Serenity lost its foothold,

We almost got to the boundary,

But it was filled with armoury.


We forgot the word brother's keeper,

The smell of peace we lost as we ran to caves,

Each step into the cave were lased with human bodies,

Our mighty men we identified by their heads,

Our men of valour their shoes,

Our king by his signet,

Our valley was filled with streams of blood,

Humanity was extinct.


Running we continued,

To the mountains, with heap of our families,

My sister sucked momma's breast to death,

Our sisters raped to death,

Our brothers limp cut off.

Our dads died by hanging,

The mountain couldn't hide us,

Our lives was worthless, with no escape route.


As our life almost left our bodies,

We staggered towards the building,

With stones we made hole into it,

Our sweat stinked of blood,.

We hide in the creek,

When we thought we found safety,

Then we saw death's shadow,

The grim reaper with his scythe.

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