Waiting For The Postman

By Kareem Itunu Azeez 4 months ago


They say we are going home, 

but home is where we take our last breath.

home is where my heart belongs,

But before I go, I will keep waiting!!


I waited for far too long

for the letter you sent,

I waited everyday at the door step, 

waiting for your gentle footstep, those steps of truth

like a tree with different branches,

I hope i did locate your fangs, the language of our people, 

but the mail never came

and the letters you wrote, 

I didn't see

some say the postman had gone the way of his heart,

others say the postman had lost his way to my home, But-

-just before I go, i sigh a sign of incredible relief,

just before I go, I hope you understand how confused together our time was,

You cannot read, and me i cannot write,

So people dictate how we live our lives,

but just before I go,

No matter how far I roam, 

My heart still is locked in-between your delicate walks......

I sadly wish to see the sad words of your letters,

and perhaps a surprise, smile from an unlikely source......


just before I go,

I hope the postman locates my home

for this flesh wrinkles so much for your letter...

Don't hear about me, from people,

Ask me about me from me if ever we meet again....✍🏾



For Enitan T.

Solace's anthology 2017

Just poetry.

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