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Tonight a page would turn and a new chapter would begin, one that would send you so far into the world.

And because of this, you would dress in the most revealing gown Yinka, your roommate would give to you. The one that  would frame your beautiful figure, full beasts, narrow waist and tapering legs. 

Yinka would give you a sultry smile, telling you how the dress fits perfectly. 

Yinka.....who was already used to this life. Yinka.....who would sleep with lecturers just to pass a course. Yinka....who had sexrush,who couldn't keep her legs closed for a week.

Thoughts of how you ended up with her would cloud your mind but you would shove it away and look into the mirror. 

When you look into the mirror, your mouth will hang open and you will gasp at the girl in the mirror. This wasn't you, this you know. The girl in the mirror has a seductive look.

"Ashawo!" The gate man would spit at the sight of you. Raining insults, mumbling something indifferently and giving his head a few shakes. You will flinch as if you'd been slapped in the face by an invisible hand.

Fire would burn your cheeks, and you would lower your gaze away from his stare, and then wished you hadn't worn the "show me your back" dress.

They didn't warn you about things like this when they told you to give what you had in order to get what you wanted. 

But you needed this money desperately. The school portal would be closed by the weekend and still you hadn't paid your fees. Your parents couldn't afford it, neither had the few persons you'd asked given it to you. 

Yinka had introduced you to someone she called "Big daddy". Someone she said, money was at his beck and call.

But still, you wondered why he didn't just give you the money without wanting to meet you in an hotel.

At the hotel, Big daddy would settle his heavy body on top of yours. His chest flattening your breasts.

He would raise himself to pull your dress above your waist but you would hesitate. Making him smile and give you a wink. 

The gate man's word...."Ashawo".....would float around in your head now. Ashawo. Prostitute. Cheap. The words would make it difficult to breathe, the same way it was difficult to breathe when you wore the tight fitting dress. 

You will tremble when he enters you, breaking the seal between your legs. You had promised to stay Virgin until your wedding night but circumstances had made you do otherwise. You would close your eyes as tears will sear them, blurring everything but the horrific thing on top of you....an image you knew would haunt your nightmares forever. 

A low moan will tear from your throat as he would thrust harder and harder. A solitary tear will stream down your cheeks at the thought of what your parents would think of you. But you had to do it anyway. 

You would stare at the huge amount of money he gives you. A pile of fifty thousand naria, something you had never held in all your lifetime. 

You will blink and thought of how cruel the world was. No one wanted rendering any kind of help without wanting something in return. 

The next morning in your room, you would stare at a figure in the mirror. The girl you once knew wasn't the one staring back at you. It was written all over your face. You weren't a virgin anymore. 

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