By Adetayo Omotoyosi Adeolu 16 months ago

Learning to code irrespective of what career your children chooses is very crucial in today's world. Beyond that, research has also shown that Coding is an important knowledge that must be possessed in any career. In this Jet-Age, Coding is but a necessary skills which helps the human brain function and explore many possibilities. From the games these kids play to the software you use on your computer's, these are all the end results of coding. Computer Coding is everything in the world. Scientific, technology, economies they all depends on Coding . Coding is not limited to tech-related fields alone, it is also vital in manufacturing, healthcare, farming and by extension any industry that has a Coding component. Myths About Coding There are many myths about Coding, such as Coding is for science student and the Extra-brilliant heads. But research has shown that anyone no matter your level of educationcan learn to code. Whether your children are good in maths or not, all it takes is determination, focus, practice and consistency. Coding is very easier to learn, as a web developer I write codes in different languages, although it takes consistency, after the mastery, then your children are good to go. How Can I Introduce Coding To My Children ? As a parent you can ... read more

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