By Ogbole Agala 7 months ago

Places; races

When they run, they run to fine places.

When we run, we run rat races.

Who says we all wear the same shoes?


Voices; noises 

When they speak, we must listen to their voices

When we speak, they say we make noises.

Who says we all have mouths?


Oxygen; origin

When they breath, there's no price tag on oxygen

When we try, hypoxia gets an origin

Who says we all have nostrils?


Blood; flood

On any floor, there must be no drop of their blood,

But it doesn't matter if ours makes a flood

Who says we all take the same bites at life?


Drains; brains

All they've done is push us farther down the drains

But the pains have sparked some light in our brains

Who says the peace of our status quo must not be disturbed?


Right; fight

They think the time for some shaking will never be right

But all along, we've been made ready for today's fight

Who says we are not the sun that shall end this very dark night?

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